A Very Humble Thank You (and a few FAQs…)

The last few days have been the most exciting blur of activity  – even the wedding was less eventful than becoming first-time business owners! 

First of all,  words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for you all – so many messages of love and congratulations, and the excitement that we have seen in response (especially to the COCKTAILS!! Wahooo!!!) has been so humbling. We endeavor to deserve it, and we will strive to bring you the best experience possible every time you visit the Factory. 


Wine About Winter was  a success – so many people hit the streets of Medina to partake in the event, and we loved seeing so many friendly faces and chatting with you about upcoming plans. We had several questions, and so we thought we would take a moment to address those most common questions here with a few bullet points…



  • Rich is not gone forever. :) He actually can be found around the corner working at Schon Haus, pursuing his passion as a stylist. It was his decision to step away from the cafe, and we are just grateful that we were afforded the opportunity to write the next chapter. Andrew Meier started an incredible thing over a decade ago, and Richie really brought a new spin and flavor to the cafe over the last few years. It is our goal to continue to evolve the Factory, and make them proud. We consider Andrew and Rich two of our dearest friends as well, and so to become the newest owners is an honor. 
  •  The menu…. everyone has been messaging us asking to keep certain items, etc. We absolutely welcome your feedback! We are excited to concentrate more effort on being health conscious, and so of course our juice bar will remain, and our vegan options will also expand. Our newest menu items include house made tarts (some of which are also vegan, and delicious!) and my favorites – Avocado Toast (duh, right?) and an Apple Gouda sandwich – already a very popular item. We are most excited to build an evening menu that will accompany our cocktails this spring. Seasonal, rotating, and Medina-inspired. 
    Avocado White Bean Vegan Wrap
    Apple Gouda Sandwich (and add bacon if that’s up your alley…)
    Shirt Factory Tarts!
  • Hours – when are we open?? We open at 7:30 from Monday-Friday. However, as a teacher, it’s hard to get to school and not have my Factory coffee in hand, and so we are looking to satisfy an earlier crowd. Also, our afternoons typically end now between 3-5, which we will continue to monitor as time goes on. The moral of the story: if there is a need for extended hours from the community, we are all for it!  But of course, cocktail hours will launch in the spring, so the evenings will open –  stay tuned!  Currently:

Tuesday-Friday: 7:30AM-5:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM -5:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM- 3:00PM

  • How will you juggle working full time and managing the Factory? Great question, and we’ve heard this a lot.  Our team has stepped up and has blown us away with their hard work and talent, and if it were not for our amazing staff, we would be in the corner of a stall in the barn  – crying. But for real, Scott and I will juggle time at the Factory, and during breaks and the summer when I have off from teaching, you’ll see my face more often. Right now, Adrienne and Scott are dividing time, and he can’t wait to start mixing behind the bar this spring. 

Your support at the Factory means the world to us, and we can’t thank you enough. Though we are aware that this will take time and there will be growing pains along the way, we’re so eager to do the best job we can. 

In the meantime, feel free to reach us at with any other questions or feedback, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for daily challenges for your chance to get 50% off your daily brew! 

Thanks, all. You rock. xo. 


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