Ode to the (LOST) Date Night

Where are the date nights of our past? Ay, Where are they? 
   Think not of them, thou hast thy farm and goats — 
While friends of old are playing in the city of yesterday, 
   And touch the white-clothed table, champagne bubbles afloat 
                           Then in a wailful song the city streets beckon me, 
   Along the pavement buildings stand to serve, 
      The plates adorned with skillful eye and artful glance; 
And tables full of restaurant jollity; 
   My man and I are eager for our dates; and now with much desire 
   Will from our land strive to depart and never tire 
      from food and drink and dates of epicurean fire. 
Scott and I promised each other that when we moved home, we would not let the lack of proximity to city life deter us from our regular date nights. In Washington, our blog was certainly a “food blog,” and the vast majority of our posts chronicled our date nights as we ran around the city experiencing some of the best food and beverage in the country.  Most of our weeknights were spent sampling new menus and trying fresh concepts from emerging and veteran chefs alike.
Dating: it’s what we do. It’s who we are. It’s how we love to live, and our very favorite pastime together. 
Needless to say, times have changed. 
Though my waistline thanks me now, my heart yearns for new culinary adventure. Living in Istanbul taught me food – good food – and living in DC showed me how to experience it on all levels. Western New York as an incredible scene, but when it’s 15 degrees and snowing, our little farm seems light years from the next new thing in downtown Buffalo and Rochester. 
It’s not just about the food – it’s about uninterrupted time with Scott. What many couples fail to realize is the importance of getting away – not far, but off the property where responsibility is kept at a slight distance. We spend so much time worrying about heating the house, bringing in wood, cleaning stalls, shoveling out to the barn, breaking ice buckets, work, walking Ivan every night, juggling families, and the million other responsibilities of now owning an older home that even on the chance we have a free night, it’s easier to cross an item off the to-do list than throw caution to the wind and bow out for a date an hour away. 
So three things are going to happen, because I’ve determined that this year is one for ACTION. And I’m writing about it, because if I write, it will happen. And then you can hold me accountable.
1) I’m bringing the date nights back. I don’t care if the waistline grows, my clothing budget is now a date night fund, or if I’m exhausted from a day of intense instruction. I need to date my man.  And we need to get back to enjoying a mutual hobby, and that is new and different dining experiences. We’ve already explored many spots in WNY – check that out and then give us your recommendations…
elmstreetbakery-12 aroanniversary-27 dappergoose-3 casaazul-11
 2) Buffalo and Rochester are full of options, but I refuse to believe that we have exhausted the date nights in between those cities. Medina boasts several great restaurants that we frequent with regularity, but we need ideas and suggestions for date nights around the area. ** Have a suggestion?? Please let us know! We’re game for anything!!!** 
Date Night at the Monte Alban Taco Truck in Medina, NY
Date Night at Zambistro, Medina NY
3) I love to cook. More than that, we adore cooking together. And if we aren’t going to make the trek into the city or around the area for a date night out, we need to start prioritizing date night in.  We bought a beautiful dining room table in November, now it’s time to SIT and have that same incredible experience of slowing down and dining even in our very own home.  And I need more avocado in my life, so I’ll add that to the menu….
Cooking onstage in Niagara Falls with The Chef and the Dish
I’m not going to look back on our time in DC and mourn all of the experiences we had that are no longer. It just means we need to start creating the experience here, living in the moment, and stop making excuses because it is cold and dark. 
Cheers to the return of the DATING couple – may this post serve as the evidence and impetus of a brand new chapter. 

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