Sneak Peek: Wedding Highlight Reel!!

After months of meticulously designing a single day, needless to say that after our wedding was over, we rejoiced in not having to talk about it. We love being married, but the opportunity to distance ourselves from the event and return to normalcy was much needed.

However, getting our highlight reel a few weeks ago brought the entire day flooding back in the best sense – Scott and I have literally watched (and cried through) this video no fewer than a dozen times already, and cannot wait to see the full length documentary. 

Our videographer, a dear friend from DC (hi, Chris!!) from 8 Media Group not only traveled all the way up to Medina to capture the day, but turned it into art. I am in LOVE with the memory of marrying Scott, but to have footage like this is more than money can buy. I know that videographers are often a luxury, but long after the taste of the food has vanished, the flowers have wilted, and the dress has been boxed up for posterity, we will relive our day through this beautiful capture. 

So, those of you eager to see a little sample of our Fox Cross Wedding, here you go: 

Happy Wednesday, all!! 

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