4 Must-Have Apps for Cyber Monday!

After throwing a wedding and buying a house, Scott and I are all about the deals this year for the holidays – and even if we hadn’t done those things, we still love a good deal! Though my inbox has been flooded today with promotional emails, I am ignoring all of that clutter in favor of a few staple apps to guarantee the best deal – so here are 4 of my Must-Have Apps for Cyber Monday: 


My go-to. I am a prime member, which saves me a fortune in shipping throughout the year. But on Cyber Monday, deals upon deals can be found here, which is why I finally downloaded the app for convenience. Oh – and remember – if you go to https://smile.amazon.com/, you can support a local charity with every purchase throughout the year placed on Amazon! Of course I support Save-A-Pet of Niagara County – Ivan and all the other rescue animals thank you if you do the same :)


One easy place to find all the best deals, coupons, and ads for stores around your area. Scott and I don’t get a paper each week, so we save $$ and time hopping from store to store by simply looking at Flipp. You can browse by category, brand, store, new deals – the options are endless. A great way to put a shopping list together before heading out to do your errands!

Retail Me Not:

This app not only works for Cyber deals, but anytime I am in the checkout line at a store, I always check this app before I make my purchase. Often is the case that I miss promotions and coupons when I quickly need to pick up an item, so by checking this app, I have any codes and coupons for a store at my fingertips (hello, Michaels!!). A great trick to make sure you are always getting the best deal. 


Ever since our partnership with Verizon began, I have been scouring the deals and promotions to keep up with all of the latest technology. I am infatuated with my Pixel 2, and Verizon has a ton of deals to celebrate Cyber Monday.  Thankfully my Unlimited Data makes it easy to browse the above apps without worrying about running out of juice. I use the Verizon app for all of this, which makes life streamlined. Now that I have my Pixel, not sure if I will go back to the iPhone for the iPhone 10….Would love to hear your thoughts, those of you who have the 10! 


Now here is the truth: Scott and I support small business, and so we do our best to meet our purchasing needs through shops in the area. But when you are looking for a deal on something hard to find on the Main Street of your hometown, Cyber Monday is a great way to save a few bucks (which we would encourage you to spend locally, of course!) – now tell us, are you an online shopper? Wary of cyber buying?  Discuss! 

Cheers and Happy Monday, friends!

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    1. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Amazin app and customer service . This article makes me want to signing up for Prime again. I’ve never heard about Flipp so I want to check that out too. I LOVE the Verizon app so easy to do anything and especially get UP rewards !!

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