Married Life: 2 Months Down

We’ve been together for nearly 5 years, living together for 3 1/2, and engaged for almost 3. As we went through the planning of our wedding we had to wonder – is anything going to change? 


Last night, I was asked how long I had been married. After responding with an excited, “2 months!”, the individual quickly chirped “ha, honeymoon phase.” But, when I turned the question around to him, I followed his response of 50 years with “honeymoon phase?” Without skipping a beat he responded, “everyday.”

Yes, we are still very much in the honeymoon phase. 

I would never recommend that someone get married to add some excitement to the relationship, but there’s no doubt it added some to ours. After a night of dancing and hanging out with friends and family at our wedding, we woke up exactly how we’d hoped we would. The morning routine continues, but we focus even more on not just being roommates. We focus on dating, opening nice bottles of wine, and doing things we would if we were a newly dating couple. 

While the last two months have brought about several changes from purchasing the house to Alix returning to the classroom, the rest of 2017 will be no cakewalk. In addition to being our favorite time of year, or at least mine, we’re trying to find enough time to do everything we planned. This weekend is a winery trip to the Finger Lakes and possibly carving pumpkins, next weekend will be spent with Halloween activities, and then November will be upon us before we know it. 

To keep us honest and active, we’re making a checklist for the next couple of months. Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. Date nights, date nights, date nights. It’s not always easy, but over the next two months we’ll make sure we spend an evening in Buffalo and Rochester. So, where should we go? thinmanbrewery-16
  2. While we take a lot of photos, we haven’t taken advantage of the quickly changing fall colors. Hopefully, we’re able to fix some of this soon. 
  3. We’re going to continue our DIY projects, including finishing some paint jobs and doing a small amount of drywalling upstairs. untitled-16
  4. As always, we’ll be doing our best to see family and friends as much as possible. 

5. Halloween! Alix hates it, but we have convinced her to do a costume….stay tuned….

So tell us, any tips on keeping this honeymoon phase going?? We are all ears! 



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