Life Lately and a Very Public Apology.

When I was a little girl, my parents promised me that with every passing year, time would unavoidably quicken and life would flash by. 

I was told this, but I didn’t believe it. 

Fast forward 20 years and whole weeks pass before I realize that they happened. That I lived them. That I filled every waking second with plans and things and busied myself to the point of epic exhaustion. 

We spend every day committed to our jobs before we convene in the evening, take care of the animals, maintain the house, and attempt a little “us” time before face planting in our respective pillows and falling fast asleep. 

I don’t know what has happened, but somewhere in the move home I feel we have lost hours each day. In DC, we both worked the same amount. We even had longer commutes. And on top of it, we spent nearly every night out on the town at new restaurants, media events, and still had the time and energy to come home and pen hundreds of blog posts. 

The worst part about falling behind here on our blog is that we won’t have the record of our first months as a married couple. And more than anything, this is our personal record of how we grew up together, how we are building a home together.  And somehow, it is the first thing that goes when our life gets crazy. 

Over the past month, we have done so many things – in a nutshell: 

Ale in Autumn in Medina
Babysitting the fur nephew, Eli.
Scott got his apple cider donut fix at Becker Farm
and so did I…..
Preparing for the cold weather on the farm
Wine tasting last weekend in the FingerLakes
Our first home project: orange be gone!!

And the apology.

First and foremost, to you all. For dropping the ball and going dark when we are more excited about our hometown and the things that are happening than ever before. We love connecting with our readers and our friends through this space, and we have truly failed. 

To our family and friends who have not gotten the amount of time we wish we could spend: we are going to be better. Work harder. Be more communicative. So many cards have sat unsent, so many texts not delivered, and so many calls just not made. We will be better. 

To my beautiful 4 legged creatures in the barn who have not been showered with my love and kisses in too long – Icy, I am getting on you this weekend. Raev? Girl, meet your saddle. I miss my barn and my goats and my early morning kisses with our outdoor kids. 

And finally – above all else, Scott, you deserve the apology of a lifetime. When I teach, I lose myself to it. I spend hours each night online working with students as they type their work. I lesson plan until the wee hours of the morning because I always think it could be that much better. I sit and type furiously during movies we have picked out to watch together, and half-listen to conversations when I should be fully attentive. This makes me a passionate educator, but a deplorable wife. 

Scott has taken the lead at home. Puts the horses out in the morning, and tucks them in at night. He rubs my shoulders as I type, warms my dinner, and assembles my lunch and coffee before I head out the door for school. He stands on the porch with Ivan and waves good bye, and never misses a morning text wishing me a wonderful day with my students. When I pull in each afternoon, he is there to greet me, take my bags, and listen to every student story I have that day. 


I don’t need a birthday, the beckoning of a brand new year, or even a momentous occasion to make a resolution. But here and now I resolve to do a much better job at being a wife to a man that deserves the best of everything in the world, and to make time to document our journey here. If nothing else, when we are old and gray and recalling memories of years gone by, I want to look back on this and remember the moments in between. The details. 

Cheers to that, and Happy Friday to you all!

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