Date Night (with Friends): Hotel Henry, Buffalo

Happy Halloween!  Though a little time has passed since our Date Night, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a little creepy and divulge our recent trip to Hotel Henry and their 100 Acres restaurant. Creepy cocktails, anyone? With Halloween just around the corner, the idea of visiting the asylum in Buffalo added to the suspense and intrigue of our visit. Our friends have been saying only wonderful things about the venue and we couldn’t wait to check it out. 

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Just the sight of the building alone induces chills, more because of the incredible architecture. While the architecture is mesmerizing, the glass enclosed entrance is what caught my eye. Any eeriness the building might have is at least somewhat relinquished upon approaching the front door, as you are immediately met with busy tables of diners, a grand staircase, and the a hostess who gave us a brief overview of the location on the way to our seats at the bar.


Of course I was focused on the drink menu. Between our group of four, we tried around 8 drinks, including one that was off menu. The bartender’s creation, the Vancouver Vegan (a blend that included bourbon and an amaro), and was my personal favorite. None of the drinks were disappointments, but it did seem like we were spending more time acknowledging that they were OK, rather than exceptional. 

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When it finally came time to order some food, there were several highlights that I’d return for – starting with the Beef TartareThis small plate was everything I wanted it to be, and a slightly larger portion than I expected. While only two of us shared the dish, there was plenty to enjoy. The crispy shoestring potatoes on top were a great addition. The Warmed Goat Cheese (rhubarb and walnut flatbread) and the Scallops both were decidedly good, and worth ordering again. 

deviled eggs, mustard seed, jalapeƱo
warm goat cheese, concord grape, walnut flatbread


After indulging on appetizers and cocktails, we all split two pizzas. Thankfully, we have friends who agree some of the best dining experiences involve sharing several dishes to experience the best the menu has to offer. 


After dinner, we decided to wander the hallways of the hotel. Not only is it easy to walk around, but you won’t be the only people looking to explore. Some of the original flooring is clearly visible, and between that and the wide hallways it’s impossible to not be impressed with the vision for Hotel Henry. Admittedly, the imposing high white ceilings lend to the building’s former use, resulting in a few goosebumps.  Even with that, you shouldn’t shy away from a visit. The architecture and renovation is impressive at the very least, and we can’t wait to return to stay a night at The Hotel Henry. 

Have you been?? Thoughts? Or would staying the night in a former asylum just be too creepy? 

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