It’s National Coffee Day, Have A Cocktail

By midmorning on the ordinary day I’m at least 2 cups of coffee in. News of National Coffee Day won’t change this morning routine, but might alter the way I end it. That’s because I love the idea of coffee cocktails, I just hate the idea of using actual coffee in the drink. 

The difficulty with these drinks is the reservation some people have with coffee in a cocktail. My thought was to go after a darker liquor, a bitterness to compliment coffee beans, and then orange and chocolate. I also wanted the drink to focus on a variety of flavors, so people didn’t get too caught up with the coffee idea. If you feel the creativity to celebrate this evening, here are the two recipes that will help:

1 oz Bourbon
1 oz Coffee Bean – Infused Aperol
1 oz Cocchi Vermouth Di Torrino
2 Dashes of Orange and Chocolate Bitters
Orange Garnish

#2 (My preference) 
1.5 oz Bourbon (Tommyrotter Bourbon)
1 oz Coffee Bean – Infused Aperol
.75 oz Amaro Averna
.5 oz Creme de Cacao
2 Dashes of Orange Bitters
Orange Garnish


Next up, Halloween cocktails. Thinking of a specific chocolate bar, candy bowl, and maybe a movie character you shouldn’t say three times.

Happy National Coffee Day! 

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