Brunch Date: Thin Man Brewery, Buffalo, NY

When it comes to beer and breweries we’re both very much novices. Our visits are so far and few between, we tend to be pretty enthusiastic when someone proposes experiencing a new one. With the wedding less than three weeks away, it was easy to escape for a recent brunch with friends at Buffalo’s Thin Man Brewery.


The brewery seeks to pay homage to the rich and innovative history of Western New York with their name. “Thin Man” is actually taken from the original iteration of the crash test dummy, which was created in the middle of the 19th century. I’m still scratching my head a little as I read that. 


Brunch and beer to the rescue to escape the overwhelming nature of wedding planning. Around the table we went: Thin Man Breakfast Sandwich, Thin Man Breakfast Sandwich, Thin Man Breakfast Sandwich, and Thin Man…Burger. Our ability to really provide insight into the menu was certainly limited by the mouth watering breakfast sandwich, which was universally devoured. 



More importantly, two of us did beer flights. Our friend Jessica went for the IPAs (which we later noticed was recommended to us by others) while I tried to go randomly select beers with little rhyme or reason.  Regicide (Saison/Farmhouse Ale), and Cracked Glass Gose (Sour/Gose) were the standouts.   As I try to slowly move toward a broader reach in my beer knowledge, I’ll continue to really mix up what I’m trying though I’m sorry to say that my reach still hasn’t extended to IPAs, which I really don’t enjoy. Consider me a complete beer novice, and I’m open to recommendation. 



The overall ambiance of the brewery is an inviting hangout. Opening up to Elmwood Ave., we saw many individuals looking in as they walked by. Personally, I was thinking of that early fall day where you have a slight chill in the air, but nothing that forces you to wear more than a sweatshirt. Sipping a beer at their long bar would be a very enticing trip for a group of friends. 



As we work through the breweries in Western New York, we’re optimistic our tastebuds will develop into a more refined palate for the flavors we experience. We’ve received several recommendations so far, but what are your favorite breweries in Western New York? Who’s the best in Buffalo? 


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