Winery Date: Eveningside Vineyards

While their neighbors might be larger, in a small red barn at the end of short driveway is a winery everyone must try.  Located in the heart of the Niagara Wine Region,  Eveningside Vineyards was the highlight of our recent wine trip. 

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This didn’t represent our first visit, but thanks to another area winemaker we were encouraged to make another stop. Alix and I were ready to experience only white wines on this tasting (theme of this winery trip) it didn’t take long for a discussion of riesling to turn into a tasting of reds AND whites. So much for willpower. But the man responsible for the incredible discussion was Nathan Zimmerman, and we credit our outstanding experience to his knowledge and enthusiasm. 

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I like wine. I love wine. I love wines I’m familiar with, but I love being stumped and educated with new things. Like anyone, I enter an experience with preconceived notions about specific wines and terms. On this specific day, I was challenged to rethink some of my opinions and it made for a great tasting. Nathan discussed whites and reds with us, and then began a debate over dry, semi-dry, and sweet Rieslings. While some tastings simply cover the basics, on this day we were challenged for our opinions and it made all the difference. 

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At the end of the day, you might visit Eveningside Vineyards and have a typical experience. You’ll try a couple wines, hear their names and basic characteristics, and then leave for the next stop. If I can offer any advice it would be to test the next person who pours your wine. This might be the perfect opening for someone like Nathan to really make your experience. 


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    1. The grounds look beautiful. Can always tell a transplanted suburbanite!!

      1. LOL-such a gorgeous property! Can’t wait to head back and sit on the back patio with a nice glass of wine :)

      1. Of course! Such a pleasure to meet you, looking forward to checking back in soon!

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