Our Save the Date Video, Revealed!

It was while I was upstairs this morning washing woodwork, listening to music, that I felt compelled to share this post with you. Bruno Mars “Marry You” came on the speakers and it took me back a few months when we finally decided to share our Save the Date with family and friends. 

Scott and I have been exchanging videos since we first started dating – in fact, it was part of how he asked me to marry him. Remember when we announced our big move? Yeah, that warranted a video too. And since then, we have documented our first weekend home and our first month in Medina, NY as well as numerous other videos on our Youtube channel. 

This idea was born from the fact that videos are our love language, and instead of the traditional save the date envelope in the mail, we wanted to commemorate how we got the idea for our wedding on the farm…

The concept? Scott realizing one day he wants to get married and then attempts to convince me that our farm is the perfect place to do it. I prevailed upon my incredibly talented brother to film it, and with the help of his wife and our sister, we filmed the video on my birthday – April 2nd. (A HUGE thank you to my siblings!)

I spent the the afternoon editing the raw footage, and by midday the entire video had been filmed, edited, and screened to family members at my birthday party.  

So here it is in all its glory – 23 days until #dcminutemarries!!!! 


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    1. Congratulations are in order…great video. To top it off, your wedding will be on my birthday.

      1. Thanks so much! And happy birthday month!!! :)

    1. LOVE IT!!! love you Al, so happy for you and Scott. Email me soon. xoxo

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