Date Night: 6 Reasons to Return to Aro Bar de Tapas

When Alix and I lived in DC, we made it a point to always try something new; restaurant openings were in the dozens every month, and it was impossible to get bored. Much to our dismay, we rarely returned to some of our favorite spots, and if we did it was only once – maybe twice. Though we are eager to experience all that WNY has to offer, we also promised ourselves that in moving home, we would allow our date nights to be whatever we wanted, even if that meant returning time and again to a tried and true favorite. 

For us here at home, that place is Aro Bar de Tapas. 

We’ve been to Aro on many occasions now and always sing its praises. We’ve written about the ambiance, the ever-evolving menu, and the exceptional service. But perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of Aro  is that they’re always trying to compete –  with themselves. They aren’t afraid to take off favorite menu items to showcase something new that they’re convinced people will enjoy. 

Now that we’ve been to Aro multiple times, these are the 6 reasons we think its worth a repeat visit (or ten): 

  1. The summer menu has us like WHOA.  Flores De Calabaza (Squash Blossoms) is a must, but since it is so seasonal get there fast. And don’t be surprised if you order more than one.  Our immediate note about this dish is the conversation that follows its arrival; we discussed the overall presentation, followed by essentially deconstructing each bite of the dish (and then Alix ran home to see if her squash plants had blossoms…) 
    Flores De Calabaza
  2. When it comes to summer drinking, sangria is king, especially at Aro.  Our choice for a sangria is their Rosé option with peaches and strawberries – refreshing and the perfect complement to the lighter summer fare. Another king at Aro? The Charcuterie. Make sure to start your meal with a cool drink and a bit of ham and cheese….arobardetapasjuly17-3 arobardetapasjuly17-4
  3. Maybe we’ve been lucky or maybe it’s truly the norm, but we’ve always had great service. There are servers who’ve been with Aro since opening night, and these individuals truly love the experience that Aro offers. We’ve had occasions where we’re joking around, asking for recommendations, and discussing things beyond whether or not we enjoyed our first bite, which truly makes the evening exceptional.  
  4. Gin & Tonics are going to be part of most conversations involving Aro. While they’ve rightfully taken their place at the top of innovative ways to change this often monotonous drink, you also shouldn’t feel obligated to get one, as the cocktail menu is equally impressive. For us, Tiki is often what grabs our attention and the Queen Park Swizzle does the trick. 
    (Left) Rosé Sangria (Right) Queen Park Swizzle
  5. The best part is that you don’t need to take our word for it (though we hope you will…)  Over the last two years, Buffalo Spree has called it 2016’s Best New Restaurant and Best Dessert, and most recently awarded it Best Charcuterie and Best Cocktails. We might be biased because of our adoration of Spanish tapas, but others are definitely impressed as well.
    Hamburguesa con Jamón Ibérico
    Zamburiñas al Romesco (Royal Scallops)
    It’s a Trap! (8-pepper BBQ GARLIC SCAPES)
    Ajo Blanco (WHITE GAZPACHO soup)


  6. Dessert. While everything on the savory side is incredible, you’d be remiss not to order off the dessert menu.  the Chocolate En Texturas 2017 is our newest obsession (though don’t think we won’t always snag a plate of churros!)  For chocolate lovers, it doesn’t get much better than this. Chocolate ganache, ice cream, and a candy bar are all included. Add a few pop rocks and white chocolate snow and your palette will thank you.
    Chocolate En Texturas 2017

You already knew we liked Aro Bar de Tapas, but what we love is that we are delighted with innovation and new items on every visit, and that the gorgeous photos on their Instagram feed actually appear on the plate in front of us. And remember, it’s ok to to frequent a favorite – and undoubtedly, we will be back to Aro very soon.  


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