In a (NYC) Minute…

Happy Monday, all! This past week has found us in the middle of whirlwind travel, wedding appointments and planning, job interviewing, and so much work on the farm we can barely see straight. But fortunately we had a chance to leave all of the crazy behind for a quick 24 hours in NYC thanks to our beloved Verizon team.

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What was the occasion? A lovely opportunity to visit Verizon headquarters and meet the faces behind the marketing team, as well as tour the Verizon Smart home located within the building. Between the “smart” coffee maker, the programmable lights and security cameras (which you can control right on your phone!) we are rather excited about bringing a little 21st century technology to the farm. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Oh, and Scott played with everything he could find…. #typical 

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Though our tour of the home and time at Verizon headquarters was inspiring in and of itself, they lured us further with comp tickets to the U2 concert at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. We were wined and dined in the Verizon suite, and made several friends in the process. And seriously? U2?! Legend. 

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While most of our trip consisted of Verizon-related plans, we had a little time to ourselves to walk around Manhattan. We stayed at the Sofitel DC, right in midtown, and walked all the way down to 30th street in search for avocado toast. We found a killer version at Blank Slate, and then meandered through Grand Central and Rockefeller Plaza before heading back to the airport. We also sampled a few bites of pizza and a chorizo sandwich at Tappo, which definitely hit the spot. When in NYC… PIZZA. 


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Sometimes you don’t need a reason to vacate normalcy, but in this case we had so many good reasons, and an incredible time. Thanks again, Verizon!! 

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