Father’s Day Weekend Recap

We’ve neglected our weekend recaps (let’s face it, we’ve neglected a lot lately on this blog) but with a little Monday motivation, we’ve decided recapping our weekends used to be our favorite form of “journaling”. After all, life still happens in between our date nights.

Speaking of date nights, we actually did that on Friday night. But this particular date night found us less than 2.5 miles from home. We finally had the opportunity to check out the Monte Alban Taco Truck on East Center St. in Medina, NY, which turned out to be an unforgettable evening with a truly wonderful friend. Cannot wait to recap that tomorrow for Taco Tuesday….


After stopping by the Canal Village Farmer’s Market in Medina, Saturday was a bit of a mash-up of farm life: tending gardens, mowing, moving, cleaning, sorting. Pretty much the day to day around here lately. However, it was Saturday night that was special. We all walked over to my Mom’s brand new cottage for her very first dinner soirĂ©e. Though I didn’t pull out my camera that evening, I have to say that I left that night feeling hopelessly in love with our new life. Family gathered, my mom cooking away in her new kitchen, and only steps away from our dream house. For all of the growing pains as a result of this life change, I count myself so lucky to have my mom happier than I’ve ever seen her in her perfect little cottage, just a mere walk away.


Sunday was the most lovely day with our dads. We invited mine over for breakfast on the farm, and I felt like a regular domestic diva pulling out my cast iron and brand new electric griddle for the first time. We dined al fresco, and had dozens of good ol’ fashioned belly laughs – my favorite kind with my dad.

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In the evening, we had dinner with Scott’s family to continue the celebration, and soaked up a ton of love from our favorite nephews. Well, only nephews – but still our favorites. Sitting around a full table of family truly reminded us how incredible lucky we are to have our parents and siblings right around the corner. For the first time in several years, Scott and I were finally able to be home to celebrate our parents for Mother’s and Father’s Day, and we enjoyed every bit of it.

weekendrecap6-18-5We sat on the porch last night, pruning our petunia baskets (seriously, we did that) and watched the sun set on Fox Cross Farm. Our days are busier now than they ever were in DC, but we couldn’t be happier.

Happy Monday, all.

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