TGIF: Life Versus Blogging

If you’ve never written a blog, you might think it’s easy to just throw down some daily thoughts. Those who routinely write know it’s never that easy. We’ve hit one of those difficult times. This morning I signed on to take a look at a couple new posts, and realized over the last month we’ve only written 5 times. In comparison, there are weeks when we put out 4-5 posts.

If the amount we’ve written in the past month is a window into our life, we’ve sold everyone short. Truth be told, the reason we haven’t written is we’ve spent our evenings largely digesting the day. This morning alone we’ve discussed the need to “create a plan” for actually sharing some of our recent adventures and experiences. 


As we begin to pull our thoughts together in a more formulated manner, here’s are a couple of the things that have been keeping us busy:

The property, Fox Cross Farm, our current/future home, continues to get a facelift. Alix has continued the daily transformation of the exposed area into what will eventually be our wedding site. With the help of family, things are well on the way. 


Wedding planning continues to move along. We found our rings, which was a slight challenge with the incredible uniqueness of Alix’s ring (I bought it, so I’m going overboard).  We also met with Mike and Sarah the owners of Farmhouse Table, a catering business out of Rochester, NY. If it’s possible to be swept off your feet after reviewing a menu, we were after speaking with these two. Not only do they procure food from local farms, but they’re also going to incorporate what we grow into the dishes. We’ve also begun to finalize our invitations, thanks to Gina and Pretty Sugar Paperie. She and Alix met a couple weeks back, and I’ve been hearing rave reviews ever since. More in-depth posts are coming on each of them soon. 

Have you ever gone through the process of buying a house? I feel your pain. Don’t get me wrong, things are moving and thankfully we have a great seller (Alix’s mom). However, as we move along in the process you realize closing costs are a little more than expected and little hiccups occur at every other turn. We are really looking forward to posting a photo indicating we’re officially the owners, until then, we continue to plan each room’s future. 

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing a lot more on the house, local wineries, our hometown, cocktails with ingredients from the farm, great food we’ve found at local restaurants, and a surplus of wedding planning updates. 



As we continue to figure out the perfect balance between life and the blog, we’ll work on some better updates for all that’s happening. 


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