A Sneak Peek of our Wedding on Fox Cross Farm

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

I was married before.

And when I got married, I was a mere babe in the world and had not a clue who I was. Our parents took care of the wedding, and therefore many of the decisions were made to please and appease the elders. And though I was thankful for such a lovely wedding, it by no means truly reflected our tastes.  

In a conversation with my best friend last week (which revolved around an intense deliberation over envelope liners) she threw in, “If I could do my wedding all over…” and then insert ooohing and ahhhhing over pictures in this post-Pinterest world. 

And therein lies the rub. I do get a redo. Nobody wants one, but I’m so thankful that my experiences brought me to this moment where I can say that I am truly marrying the love of my life. And because I unfortunately have a little history with wedding planning, I have been committed (read: stressing, worrying, deliberating, contemplating, pondering, considering) to leaning on Scott in the creation of this entire wedding. Though only one day, we do want that day to reflect the values and the passions we share so that it is truly a unique experience for us to remember. 

What are we planning that we are THRILLED to share? Though we are keeping a few key details up our sleeves, we are most excited to give you a peek at the following decisions: 

  • It’s all about Fox Cross. Home, as we now know it. We are inviting people to celebrate on our property, at our home, and to dine, drink, and dance where I have done so since I was born, and where we will share the rest of our lives. Exciting to have that be the backdrop for our “I do” moment. 
  • WINE and GUAC – Our dear friends at Leonard Oakes Winery and Mariachi de Oro will be kicking off our celebration with a pre-ceremony cocktail party to welcome our guests with glasses of wine and fresh made guacamole. Because truly, would it be our wedding without the guac?? tacotruck-8
  • The FOOD –  No surprise here. The food HAS to be special, because where would In a DC Minute be without all of the food? We are over-the-moon thrilled and excited that Mike and Sarah of FarmHouse Table Food will be catering the wedding, and our concept is neither sit-down nor buffet, but waves of small plates anchored with heavier station items. After all of the fabulous food events in DC, we want people to have more of a “food experience” and eat as often (and as much) of whatever they love throughout the night. Drink, eat, dance, repeat. Mike and Sarah are not only rising to the challenge, but FAR exceeding all of the expectations we could ever have. SO. EXCITED. 
  • The Photographer – Two years ago, I  searched high and low for the photographer that I could trust to capture our day the way I wanted to remember it. The first vendor we chose was Ali from Alexandra Elise Photography, and as I have watched her evolve over the years into some of the most artistic and breathtaking photos I have ever seen (and yes, the woman is insanely talented and shoots both digital AND film!!) I could not be more excited to have her here on the farm. We also are beyond happy to have our dear friend and talented cinematographer Chris Cruz of 8 Media Group capture all of the video. Not only that, but he’s coming all the way from DC to film our wedding, for which we are beyond grateful!! 
  • Paper, please!! Though my best friend was the first to remind me that most invitations end up in the garbage (sad, but so true!), I adore paper. I am the girl who scrapbooks all wedding invites and completely salivates over a gorgeous invitation. Enter Gina, a local designer and owner of Pretty Sugar Co based in Buffalo, NY. She has worked with us to create an invitation that I’m thrilled will be the first impression our guests will have, and I’m proud to recommend this wonderful, creative woman! 

We have made some other choices that break tradition and we are so excited about, and with 59 days until our wedding it won’t be long until we can recap all of those here on the blog. Admittedly, we’ve mentioned numerous times that I am less enthusiastic about weddings and that Scott could work as a professional crasher he loves them so much. But as each day passes and I get closer to marrying Scott, I grow more excited as our wedding takes shape and I can finally call him my husband. 

Happy Wednesday, all! 


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    1. I’m so so happy for you Al!!! WE need to catch up soon. xoxo

    1. AW, can’t wait to see pics. Congrats guys!

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