Mexico, Where Art Thou? AKA – Why Travel is Important for a Relationship

I’m having a moment (or perhaps a psychological episode)of complete claustrophobia. The house is in so much moving disarray that I can’t walk 10 feet without navigating an intricate network of mines: sharp box corners, errant dog chews, rejected piles of possessions awaiting a future home on the shelves of the nearest Goodwill.

And even our little oasis, the room I labored on for a month after we moved home, has ceased to provide the necessary reprieve of such chaos. Clothes are haphazardly strewn over baskets and hampers, assorted technological gear and camera parts disassembled from a disappointing cocktail shoot, and a hodge podge of magazines – Elle Decor, Southern Home, and House Beautiful – sit patiently waiting to inspire a future project.

Guys – this chaos is pervasive, and I require order and organization in my life to maintain ordinary and necessary daily function. So what have I done? I’ve sat perusing travel sites, Air BnB, and last minute Expedia deals in an effort to find a corner of the world where we can forget the chaos and sit in the sunshine. 

Last fall after we moved home, we were able to abandon the impending cold weather and descend to warmer climates with some of our dearest friends. We spent a week in Mexico – adventuring, relaxing, imbibing, and satiating ourselves with too much guacamole – of which there is no such thing.


Scott and I grew together on that trip. He watched me conquer my fears, as I watched him conquer his. We swam together in the cool waters of a Mexican cenote, stood mesmerized watching an elder perform a traditional Mayan Ceremony, and were filled with awe at the release of hundreds of baby sea turtles.

Travel is necessary for a relationship. Long after you think your exploration of each other is complete, an unexpected adventure brings out brand new ideas, thoughts, and memories that will sustain and reinvigorate a relationship. Exploring together is not only good for the soul, but crucial for a couple.

Guys, we need to get out of town, see somewhere new. I need to be inspired with my camera and I am desperate to walk hand in hand with Scott down an unknown street. We have a lot going on in our lives right now with buying a house and planning a wedding, but it is time to plan something to get us excited and out of WNY for a few days…..

Thoughts? Where have you been that has been a dream vacation?? We are all ears.

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    1. Definitely recommend Jamaica. Great weather, great music, great food, great rum. Plus you can choose to stay on either the beach or cliffs, and travel easily between both. It’s also one of the safer spots in Jamaica to stay off resort. Be sure to ditch the all inclusive, explore the streets and eat/drink/hang out where the locals go.

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