8 Wines From the Niagara Wine Trail You Need In Your Collection ($20+)

When we visit a winery we ask two questions of the tasting room staff: what is your favorite wine on the list, and what do you normally enjoy drinking?  If a typical white wine drinker can truly recommend a red wine (or vice versa) we feel awfully good about that pour, and much can be said about the overall experience. And we are pleased that the wineries in this area offer an incredible selection and variety to suit all palettes.

While the Niagara Wine Trail is still fairly young, the winemakers are creating some incredible bottles. With that being said, here are 8 non-dessert wines ($20+) you should add to your collection, in no specific order:

Arrowhead Spring Vineyard Syrah –  Kicking off the list is the Syrah from Arrowhead, which is a nice full-bodied bottle. This wine is a must-try on just about every list, and retails for around $35.


Arrowhead Spring Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon – A varietal that isn’t easily produced in all climates has found a home at this location. The bottle retails for around $28.

Freedom Run Winery Pinot Noir Estate Quast Vineyard – The Niagara Wine Trail does this varietal right. This Freedom Run wine can be shelved for the next couple of years without any problems. The bottle retails for around $40. 


Freedom Run Winery Meritage Appassimento – This wine is a long-time favorite of ours, and truly one of the best representations of what the trail has to offer. The bottle retails for around $35.

Chateau Niagara Winery Cabernet Franc – If you like this varietal, you need to have this bottle. Winemaker Jim Baker will educate you on the growing conditions of the trail, and will further your love of what’s being produced. The bottle retails for around $30.

Chateau Niagara Winery Bull’s Blood – The name alone should intrigue you, and the fact that you won’t find this anywhere else should put you over the top. This traditional Hungarian wine deserves a spot on your shelf. The bottle retails for around $30.


Leonard Oakes Winery Skin Fermented White – Jonathan Oakes is clearly one of the more innovative winemakers on the trail, and this wine is one of the reasons. This bottle will weigh more than your others, which just adds to it’s overall presentation. The bottle retails for around $30.

Schulze Vineyard & Winery CuvĂ©e Reserve Brut – Not all bubbles are created equal. This is a sparkling wine that’s well worth the money. The bottle retails for around $25.


While a wine can certainly change depending on the year, we decided not to include vintages with this list. Now go find a group of friends and plan a wine tour along the Niagara Wine Trail!

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