Medina Welcomes Winter Storm Stella

Or maybe Scott is the only one who actually “welcomed” the storm.

stellablizzard-1Just two days ago, I sat in my living room scoffing at the idea that Medina Central would close much before 6AM, if at all. “Why do we always get the bust, and not the boom scenario?” I wondered. By 7:30 Monday night, school was closed.

My dear friends, this is a BOOM scenario indeed!!

It is Wednesday morning, and we are caught beneath at least 2 feet of snow here on the farm. However my father was willing to take his truck out and about yesterday before things got too bad, and Scott and I played for awhile on Main Street….

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We took the back roads home, stopping by Boxwood Cemetery, after I jumped out of the truck on the bridge on South Main to snap a few canal photos.

stormstellamedina-36 stormstellamedina-39 stormstellamedina-40stormstellamedina-41 stormstellamedina-45 stormstellamedina-49 stormstellamedina-44 stormstellamedina-46

I’m glad we had a chance to see Medina underneath a blanket of white, as today there isn’t a chance I’d be able to get my vehicle out of the driveway, and wouldn’t want to. Better to stay snuggled up under blankets, pop a fresh batch of popcorn, and sit down to the next Harry Potter in our marathon.

More storm farm pics coming soon – how have you all been faring?? Stay warm!

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