It’s National Margarita Day- Celebrate Accordingly in WNY and DC!

Tequila may not have been my friend in college, but a decade later and I can’t imagine my life without the occasional margarita to pair with my guac.

Scott is cooking up a few recipes here at home, but I like to think we have a good idea where you can snag a Margarita out – and PLEASE don’t forget the guacamole…


Mariachi De Oro Mexican Grill – Our very own small town treasure, Mariachi de Oro, serves up a fabulous margarita. Grab a “saddle” seat at the bar and order your choice. And remember, Mariachi offers tableside guac – just ask! www.mariachideoromexicangrill.com


Cantina Loco – So in talking with a few bloggers last night, they unanimously agreed that I need to try Cantina Loco on Allen Street in Buffalo. And after looking at the menu, the heat of The Ghost Rider sounds right up my alley! Now the real question: how is the guac??  www.cantinaloco.com

Deep South Taco – One of our first adventures in Buffalo after we moved back home was had at Deep South Taco. I am channeling the sun on their outdoor patio on these cold winter days, and could easily order a platter of nachos with my margarita! www.deepsouthtaco.com

Aro Bar de Tapas – As a special addition in honor of National Margarita Day, Aro is debuting the Bomba Atomica. Bar is open now and go cozy up with this drink in Williamsvillle, NY. And while you’re at it, order the Crispy Brussel Sprouts – a personal favorite dish of mine. www.arotapas.com

In DC:

Oyamel – There is little about Oyamel we don’t absolutely adore, and it’s one of the reasons we had Joffoto capture some engagement photos toasting with margaritas and guacamole! What we love is the salt foam on the top – a touch we wish we could replicate here at home!  www.oyamel.com

Image Credit: Joffoto

El Centro – Probably the most full we’ve ever been was leaving our first trip to El Centro. And then we went to the Georgetown location and had the same kind of night.  It’s the kind of place you couldn’t let a bite go to waste, including leaving a sip of Margarita. Take it ALL down. Or just skip the margarita and go straight to a flight of tequila (or do both, like we did…) www.elcentrodf.com


Agua 301 – In the Navy Yard, you say? This little gem sits right on the water and is the perfect place to celebrate (the guac is good, too!) It’s our favorite haunt during Nationals season, but with all of that 70 degree weather in DC, it seems like the perfect evening to sit by the river with a margarita in hand!  www.agua301.com

Don Taco – Nestled in the heart of Old Town, this is the perfect place to order a couple tacos a la carte, and choose from a nice selection of margaritas and tequila cocktails. And then when you are sufficiently full, saunter down King Street for us, one of our favorite pastimes.www.dontacova.com


So tell me – any other recs for a perfect margarita? I’m all ears! Cheers!

(Feature photo credit to Joffoto)


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