Happy Valentine’s Day!! *and why Cupid is no longer stupid*

In my book, Cupid was stupid.

I was jilted, jaded, cynical and downright angry about Valentine’s day before Scott met me. I loathed the day, scoffed at the commercialism, and wore black to school.

But then Scott came along, and I turned into a weepy, lovey, ridiculously sappy Valentine’s Day ambassador. But not just because of Scott, but because it hit me that although Americans take our spending to the next notch for EVERYTHING, if we boil down the essence of the day, it’s really just about saying an extra “I love you” to someone, something, that means a great deal.


For me, those “someones” are my students. I love to make such a huge display out of the day for them, shower them with sap and love. This year I brought in a ton of balloons, have been sprinkling faux rose petals on them, and we’ve been playing with sonnets, the ultimate love poem.

Scott and I rotate who gets to plan Valentine’s Day, as 4 years ago I surprised him in DC after scheming for a month how I could do it. I made an hour long video/test (in true teacher form), sent it in a Valentine’s Day package a week ahead of time, and convinced him that I couldn’t get out of work to drive to DC. We planned a Skype date and that was that.

Instead, after taking the test, he was instructed on the video to come meet me at the door of his apartment, where I was not-so-patiently waiting after driving for 7 hours. We had a fun Valentine’s burger at The Light Horse in Alexandria at almost 10PM, and I fell in love with Old Town the first moment I saw it.

ValentinesDaycollageThe day is so special, and it brings back so many memories. This year, Scott is planning the day, and I can’t wait to run home after school and see what he has up his sleeve. My man knows a thing or two about romance…


I wish you all the very best Valentine’s Day wherever you are and however you celebrate. Cheers!

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