Clinging to the “Real” of 2016

It wasn’t until after I hit publish on the 2016 Hot Minute awards that I realized something. Our amazing dates, our memories, our tumultuous year – it can’t be summed up in a list of subjective “bests”  – I want to look back through these archives and know that the little moments, ones that really mattered, are somehow preserved right alongside the others.

Therefore, these are the real moments that I’ll cling to for years to come:

Moments with my seniors at TC Williams.

The last day in my classroom.

Riding bikes in Chinatown.


Brunch at Kapnos in Arlington with Jof and Riza.

My 32nd Birthday Cocktail Crawl.

Walking down 14th Street with my little sister in our finest attire on our way to the Pink Tie Party.

The moment we found out we were voted runner up for Best DC Food Blog.

Visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture for the first time.


Every date night at the bar at Magnolias with Nick, the best mixologist we’ve ever known.

My lovely escape to Charleston to visit Lacey. And ALL THE FOOD.

Scott’s plan for my end-of-the-school-year date at Red Hen, and how hot he looked walking the streets there in DC. Yowza.

Our last visit to Paradise Springs, and soaking it up with a date night after in Clifton.

Getting stuck in a downpour while sitting at the Sculpture Garden Fountain.

Our goodbye party at Carmine’s in DC with all of our friends, thanks to Jill Collins. A perfect night.


Our date walking through Mt. Vernon, talking all about creating walking paths just like them on Fox Cross Farm.

Meeting our nephew, Noah, for the first time.

Sitting on the benches of Alexandria’s Waterfront – one of our favorite ways to spend alone time.

Our “goodbye Alexandria” photo shoot with Jof right before we moved.

View More: http://joffoto.pass.us/alscottpt1

Spending time with my dearest best friend (college roommate) in DC and at her home in Catskill, NY.

Sipping cocktails at PX in Old Town with Vina when she surprised us with a going away “Big Ass Chocolate Cake” from Society Fair.

Playing in the snow of Winter Storm Jonas with Ivan and Scott.

Our sunrise photoshoot with Erin Tetterton on Alexandria’s waterfront.


The night we pulled in the garage after our last date night in DC and I spent 20 minutes crying on Scott’s shoulder in the car.

Jack. Just all the Jack. Sledding, hide and seek, kisses and hugs.

Getting the “Keys to the City” from Visit Alexandria…

The last minute, sitting in our empty apartment, just the 3 of us.

Watching Ivan roll around, happier than I’ve ever seen him, when we arrived home on the farm for good.

firstdays-11 Goats. Just goats, goats, and goats.

Our public and very humble beginnings in the middle of the living room floor for a month after we moved.

The first night in our completed bedroom, and popping a bottle of bubbly.

Watching all the Buffalo Bills games this season with my Dad.

Coffee with my Mom.

Jumping out of bed every morning to go see the horses and goats, a way to start the day that I never imagined would make me so happy.

Spending a week with our dearest friends in Mexico, and all the guac.


Waking up Christmas morning in what will be our first Christmas together on Fox Cross.

Ringing in the New Year with pizza, champagne, and Scott.


Scott and I have talked about how awful 2016 has been for many people; everyone was so ready to be done with the year. For us, it was life changing in the best way possible. We never want to forget our life in DC, or how inviting everyone was when we moved home. But this year? This year is already proving to be one to remember, and I can only imagine how incredible our recap will be next January.

What was the highlight of your year? Do tell!

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