Oh, Christmas Tree!

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Castor & Pollux. As always, opinions are my own.*

To say that this event was a long time coming is an understatement – I grew up looking froward to every holiday season beginning with the adventure of picking out our tree. I pride myself on the fact that I have never picked a dud, and rather, we have had exquisite live trees for as long as I can remember.

christmastreehuntorganix-6However, the past 3 years we spent in our small apartment in DC was not as conducive to a live tree. And even if we could get beyond the size of the space, our holiday travels always were so extensive we worried about the health of the tree and the potential hazard it could become if left unattended. Therefore, we diligently put our faux tree up and lighted evergreen candles to mask the facade.

christmastreehuntorganix-9 christmastreehuntorganix-12But this year is different – this year marks the very first time that we have picked out a Christmas tree as a family of 3. You know it’s almost sad;  Ivan turns 11 on December 15th and he never before got to wander the fields to pick his tree. He finally got his chance, and was happier than writing can do justice.

christmastreehuntorganix-20 christmastreehuntorganix-30 christmastreehuntorganix-45 christmastreehuntorganix-43christmastreehuntorganix-46He’s not as spry as he once was, which is why it’s even more important that we keep him well-fed and monitor his nutrition. He’s been doing so well on Organix┬«, and it overflows my human heart to see my old dog acting like a pup.  He’s got energy and excitement, and I’m thrilled that he is feeling up to our longer walks and finally being a part of all of these seasonal and outdoor activities.

christmastreehuntorganix-33 christmastreehuntorganix-35 christmastreehuntorganix-39 christmastreehuntorganix-41The good news? We found one. The most beautiful and perfect of all trees now resides in our formal parlour. The bad news? I think Ivan wants to make a routine of this outing, so we will have to find ways to go walk the Christmas tree farm all year long. So grateful to have these days, just the 3 of us.

christmastreehuntorganix-56 christmastreehuntorganix-63 christmastreehuntorganix-71

So tell us – what activities do you love to do with your dog?

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