An Evening with the Orleans Community Health Foundation

This past weekend, we felt like we became official residents of Orleans County by attending the Orleans Community Health Foundation Annual Benefit and Auction. We’ve been to dozens of charity events and benefits in DC, but this one hit close to home (pun intended). Perhaps it’s because I was born at the hospital in Medina, or maybe it’s because as I scanned the beautiful room at the Hickory Ridge Golf Resort in Holley, NY, I laid eyes on so many faces from my past.  Either way, this event truly made us feel at “home” – and such a worthy cause to boot!


The Orleans Community Health Foundation hosted a brilliant event Saturday night and packed the room for their Annual Benefit and Auction. Scott and I walked the perimeter, bidding and bumping into friends from long ago. We chatted all evening, reminiscing and discussing how many great things are changing in our little hometown.

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The most exciting part of the evening was the live auction, and I can see why people get caught up in the excitement of a great bidding war. Lynn Hill did a fabulous job of making the auction fun and personal, and Dr. DiBenedetto (the Honorary Chairman) helped warm the audience with a fantastic opening speech.

orleanscommunityhealthbenefit2016-8 orleanscommunityhealthbenefit2016-11orleanscommunityhealthbenefit2016-10

All of the ladies and gentlemen behind the Orleans Community Health Foundation deserve kudos for a fabulous evening of jollity and entertainment, and you better believe we will make this an annual event in our household.

orleanscommunityhealthbenefit2016-5 orleanscommunityhealthbenefit2016-4 orleanscommunityhealthbenefit2016-1There is something truly special about supporting a local foundation that helps put you in the hometown spirit, and we are so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful evening.

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