Friday Minutes

Friday Minutes (on Monday): The Warm Before The Cold

We always told people in DC about the crazy Western New York weather. We would recollect spring-like weather being followed by a snowstorm. Well, this weekend we had exactly that: a 70 degree Friday followed by snow on Saturday.

We are a little late with these Minutes, as we packed our bags for a night in Buffalo, NY on Friday and got lost in the splendor of the city. Much more on that soon, but here are some posts that caught our eye from the past week:

I’m published! Well, somewhere other than here, of course. My collection of  DC eats for Apartment Guide is live, and though I could already add and amend the list, this makes me hungry for a return to our old stomping grounds…

Planning to come visit us in WNY? Here is a list of the Essential Vocab for any Buffalo visitor via Visit Buffalo Niagara.

Yeah! Buffalo takes us behind the scenes of the Buffalo Black Book’s creator.

Morning Glory shows off some of her photography of the Akron Falls. This might be the perfect outing before we get a foot of snow…

Any writer has faced the same challenges that Jessica Trace opens up about, this week. Tracing Paper dives into finding inspiration after a difficult week. 

Have you ever thought about putting on the red suit as a profession? Here’s a look at 9 Santa’s who are the real deal.

Kacy, our contributor for DC date nights, had a chance to learn all about the art of Chicken Ramen at Bantam King. Check out that post on her blog, Bad Sentences.

Step Out Buffalo has us excited to visit the new Twilight Room on Virginia Place in Buffalo. Has anyone been? Thoughts?

Though our palette craves a night big red wine in the colder months, the Nittany Epicurean has us desiring a taste of white with his latest post on a Dr. Frank Pinot Gris….

Feeling a little strapped in anticipation of the holidays? The Rochester City Newspaper had you covered with a list of quality cheap eats.

What did we miss this week? And tell us – what are your plans for Thanksgiving??

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