Date Night: Cozy Cocktails at The Gibson, DC

Our fabulous resident DC couple, Tom and Kacy, are back for Date Night – this time, they filled in at one of our favorite cocktail bars in the city. Check out what they thought of the new menu at The Gibson, debuting tomorrow, November 4th!


The crackle of a slow burning fire drew us in as we stepped out onto The Gibson’s back patio for a sneak peek of their new fall cocktail lineup. One of DC’s most notorious speakeasies and one of our favorite date night spots in the the city, the Gibson is reinventing fall and winter drinking with their cozy outdoor space and seasonal beverages.



Tom and I have spent many nights at The Gibson watching the talented mixologists behind the bar creating their masterpieces and this night was no exception. The fall cocktail menu is vast, with something for everyone. I am typically not able to tolerate strong cocktails, but found almost every concoction delightfully palatable in its own way. That’s just the magic of The Gibson.


Just as magical is hearing the thoughtful, and often hilarious, back stories behind each creation. The bartenders at The Gibson are truly artists and use their life experiences to come up with unique and inventive concoctions unlike anything you’ve ever sipped before. Recent heartbreaks, favorite songs and evocative memories are all fair game to serve as inspiration for both drink names and the painstaking recipes. 



We especially enjoyed the light and refreshing Growing Pains cocktail made with Pig’s Nose scotch, rose water and Elliot Ness lager. The Man I Forgot I Loved combined both Tom and my favorite spirits, gin and bourbon, a no-doubt strong but somehow very smooth libation that is certainly capable of helping you forget your troubles.

Perhaps the most surprising hit for us was the Company of Strangers, a smoky mixture of Vida Mezcal, white cacao and bitters. I almost didn’t try it based on my pre-conceived notions of mezcal, but one sip and I was hooked. The white cacao pulled all of the smoky and bitter elements together with a velvety touch. 

If I had to pick a favorite it would be The Cat’s Meow, a cheeky blend of red wine, rum, vanilla, lime and champagne. A wine lover at heart, this cocktail was right up my alley and is light enough that you can have seconds without hitting the floor. 


All of these beautiful drinks taste even better on the new and improved back patio, which will remain open all throughout fall and winter (unless there are extreme weather conditions). Bartenders will also be serving up a menu of drinks exclusive to the patio that includes hot toddies, milkshakes, ciders and classics.

If nothing quite catches your eye, feel free to have it your own way with the “Omakase” menu where you and your bartender work together to create exactly the cocktail you want. This option, offered only in the upstairs space, revolves around a checklist where guests can choose their base liquor and flavor profile so that a mixologist can craft a cocktail specific to individual tastes. Based on the number of times I’ve told my bartender at The Gibson to make me “something with gin, not too sweet but also not boring” and gotten the perfect drink in return, I can guarantee you’ll find something to satisfy you with this new option. 

So grab a date, don your coziest outfit and prepare for an unforgettable night – as long as you don’t have one too many.

The Gibson’s fall and winter cocktail menu debuts Friday, November 4th. Reservations are encouraged.


After reading Kacy’s experience with the new menu, Scott and I can’t wait to get back to DC to stop in and experience it for ourselves. Tell us, have you been? Or is there another cocktail bar you recommend as well?

Make sure to visit Kacy’s blog, Bad Sentences, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well!


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