Date Recap: Buffalo Cocktail Classic

Against my better judgement, I coerced Scott into letting me be his congested date on Sunday to the first (of which we hope will be many) Buffalo Cocktail Classic. Though I left the drinking to the guy who could actually taste the spirits, I followed behind him and took pictures of the tables, all aglow in neon mood lighting.

bufcocktailclassic2016-26The event was hosted by Step Out Buffalo, and I can imagine they were thrilled with the result. The Foundry Suites on Elmwood was PACKED with cocktail and drink enthusiasts to taste-test 12 of Buffalo’s best cocktail bars.

bufcocktailclassic2016-22bufcocktailclassic2016-17 bufcocktailclassic2016-18 bufcocktailclassic2016-14 bufcocktailclassic2016-6 bufcocktailclassic2016-1 bufcocktailclassic2016-25 bufcocktailclassic2016-24 bufcocktailclassic2016-21 bufcocktailclassic2016-20“Drink Local” seemed to be the theme of the night, as Buffalo’s Tommy Rotter Gin was featured prominently in the cocktails. Campari was another major ingredient, and we now have a new date night item on our list to visit the local distillery.

bufcocktailclassic2016-13bufcocktailclassic2016-19bufcocktailclassic2016-3In the end, Panorama on Seven swept all 3 categories, including Best Cocktail, Best Garnish, and Most Creative. Aro Bar de Tapas finished in 2nd place, and Lloyd Taco Factory took 3rd. However, Lloyd shared the spotlight for 3rd place with Hydraulic Hearth in “Most Creative”.

Panarama on Seven, “How do yuzu?”
Lloyd Taco Factory, ” I CRAN’t Even”


Our winner? Scott and I both favored Aro’s “Sweet Potato Tonic”, but we can’t argue with Panorama on Seven’s “How do yuzu?” – both were creative, smooth, and beautifully presented. 

bufcocktailclassic2016-9 bufcocktailclassic2016-8We have been to so many cocktail events in DC that we finally felt part of the Buffalo landscape with the Buffalo Cocktail Classic. We now have 12 bars to visit and cocktails to drink after whetting our appetite this past weekend. Tell us, where do you find the best cocktails in WNY? We’re all ears.


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