Weekend Recap: Quintessential Fall

This weekend was much of what we dreamed when we sat in our air conditioned apartment in Virginia; we fantasized about chilly October days that required a sweater and jeans, and weekends that included pumpkins, apple cider, and wine tasting in front of a vibrant autumn landscape.

After Scott spent the week in LA for work, I picked him up from the Buffalo airport and we spent our Friday evening sampling a few of the newest menu items from Aro Bar de Tapas. The verdict? Out of this world – more to come on that later this week…

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Saturday we were determined to find a pumpkin patch and score some fall decor, and I’ve discovered an insane love of non-traditional gourds. White and gray pumpkins? Don’t mind if I do!

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After we played with the pumpkins, we found ourselves on our first date in Rochester at the restaurant Good Luck. We had a lovely evening with a few of our dearest friends, and I have to say one experience there warrants many more to come. A formal review is in the works.


We spent Sunday hopping along Seneca Lake with a dear friend from Virginia who spends every Columbus Day Weekend with his family in NY. Aside from quality time with him, we basked in the fact that we are a mere 2 hours from the best of the Finger Lakes, and we left excited that there is so much more to explore.

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On our way home, we had dinner with Scott’s family and snuck in some quality time with this cutie. It’s safe to say that these two are kindred spirits and Jack adores his Uncle Scott.

columbusdayrecap-11Monday we spent finally relaxing on the farm, but the brisk air warranted a run down the historic Erie Canal. 7 miles later and I was exhausted, but something about the WNY air that filled my lungs made it all worth it. And the foliage this time of year is second to none.


Today Scott is back at work and I am driving 5 hours East to visit my very best friend in Catskill, NY. My college roommate has stayed my person for the last 15 years, and I can’t wait to spend a few days with her adorable little boys in her brand new house. Love that girl, and eager to get on the road.

What was everyone else up to this weekend? Happy Tuesday! (and WNY – how about those 30-something degree temps last night??)

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