Autumn Favorites: 10 Reasons We Love Fall

I have always loved fall. When September starts, it’s time for layers of clothing, football, and great food and drinks. To me, the season represents all of my favorite things and bundles them up into a couple months at the end of each year.

A month ago as we told people about our pending move, we couldn’t help but find an increased level of excitement. Though fall in Virginia is beautiful, New York is second to none.  Now that we’re establishing ourselves back in our hometown we wanted to share the reasons we especially love fall, and a couple things we plan to do this season:

  1. It’s the best season for wine. Not just wine, but delicious, big, red wines. The Niagara Wine Trail is at our doorstep, and we can’t wait to revisit some of our favorite places in the coming months. We might already have Pinot Noir from Freedom Run that we’re eager to open.bullrun-10 bullrun-11
  2. The holidays are just around the corner. No, we’re not rushing to Christmas, but instead we have Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward to first. Candy, costumes, movies, family-time, and food – what could possibly be better?
  3. Apple Cider is truly king. Alix’s grandfather used to work the cider press at Robert’s Farm Market in Medina, NY, so the fond memories are personal. If you want to make your cider more adult, you can always find a great bottle of Steampunk Cider at Leonard Oakes Winery.
  4. Events take place year round, but can we agree that the best ones take place in the next couple of months? Oktoberfests, Medina’s Ale in Autumn, Harvest Festivals, and random farm events epitomize the season ahead.Oktoberfest-9 Oktoberfest-3
  5. Speaking of local farms, we can’t wait to visit to pick apples and find our pumpkins. Any you recommend in the coming month?  Roberts Farm, Becker Farms, Leonard Oakes, who else?
  6. Beyond just picking pumpkins, the season is full of the pumpkin flavors. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, beers, bread, pie, and so much more can be found around every corner. Spoiler alert: Alix and I like Oktoberfest more than pumpkin beers.Oktoberfest-8
  7. I know the Buffalo Bills and Syracuse Orange aren’t exactly looking like Superbowl or National Championship teams, but nonetheless football is back! Since Alix found her competitive spirit and has done well in fantasy football, she’s been glued to the TV on Sundays to watch her favorite players. If you didn’t know, she’s a fan of Tyrod Taylor.tyrodtaylor-5
  8. The temperature might be dropping, but it’s just another excuse to wear cooler clothes. Jeans, sweaters, hoodies, and all the rest is our favorite type of fashion.IMG_0392_zps503f5d8d
  9. I think fall is meant for food lovers. Though all seasons are laced with wonderful flavors, there’s something special about the season with warm soups, stews, and spices.
  10. When the trees begin to change color I can’t help but sit on a blanket with a glass of wine and relax. The green leaves turn to reds, oranges, browns, yellows, and different shades in between, showing us all that the best season is here again.WR engage-6 WR engage-7

There you have it, the 10 reasons I absolutely love fall. What makes your list?

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    1. Love, love love Becker Farms! I’ve gone there for years with my family, and their cider and homemade donuts are one of the best parts of the season. So happy you’ll be able to enjoy fall in NY – we definitely have it good here!

      1. Oh, you just had us at “homemade donuts”!! We definitely need to sample all of the local stuff, so if you have any more recommendations, would love to hear ’em! Happy weekend!

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