The 6 Things We’ll Miss the Most: Old Town, Alexandria

I’ll be honest. Well, I’m always honest here, but let me assure you: I will miss this city dearly.

And now for a little story. When I came down to visit Scott for the very first time, we had been dating only 6 weeks and it was Valentine’s weekend in DC.  He talked at length about the charm of “Old Town”, and so we went and walked through the red brick in the middle of winter. In the back of my mind, I knew I was vetting this place as an option to live, and though it was charming, I drove away thinking I could never actually live in Old Town. It was someplace where you visit, but not live.

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And now, I count the years I have lived here as the best of my entire life.

Scott and I are just days away from moving north, and we can’t stop finding reasons to pause the packing to run into Old Town and take advantage of all we love about this charming and historic city.  What will we miss the most?  Here are the 6 things we love beyond measure and will miss about Old Town, Alexandria:

  1. The History – I can’t tell you how frequently I run up and down side streets to find all the historic markers. I love the houses, the sidewalks, the museums, and the tours. We live among the spaces and places where America was defined, and the founding fathers met to discuss the future of the country. How can you not feel that when visiting Old Town? IMG_0656
  2. The Old Town Boutique District – The collection of small businesses here in Old Town are owned and managed by people who are not only passionate about their business and their brand, but they LOVE their town. It’s evident every time you walk through the door, and the Old Town Scavenger Hunt is one of our favorite events of the year. Some of our faves?  The Dog Park, Red Barn Mercantile and Olio Tasting Room.dogpark dogpark-4
  3. The Masonic Temple – It is always the Temple we look for when we are driving into the area, as to us it means we are home. Scott and I both would drive by it every morning and afternoon for work, and the summers I would spend at home on the farm would be left behind the moment I drove into Virginia and spotted that place. After touring the inside and catching a glimpse of Alexandria from the top of the temple, it is officially one of our favorite places in town.IMG_1287
  4. The Restaurant Scene – It was good when we got here, but we truly think it’s a thousand times better now. With the addition of several new spots (Sugar Shack, Magnolias on King, Hank’s Pasta Bar, Mason Social) and our city’s staples (Restaurant Eve, The Warehouse, Brabo), trying to narrow down the list to our last dinners in Old Town is almost impossible. In case you missed it, check our our list of best cocktails and pizza in town. lenaspizza-1ALXcocktails-5
  5. DC Minute Happy Hours – Nights when we just got to hang out with our friends were the best nights in Old Town. We got to meet so many incredible people, and we will miss the opportunity to just enjoy that company. Our last event at Brabo made us so grateful for our time here, and can’t wait to plan a Reunion Happy Hour upon our return in a few months! BraboFinalHH-7
    DC Minute Happy Hour @ Bastille in Old Town
    DC Minute Happy Hour @ Bastille in Old Town


  6. The Waterfront – We saved the best for last. The waterfront is our favorite thing about this town, and will forever be a cherished place in our lives, as Scott asked me to marry him on that walk to the water. I am so grateful for the times we have lingered on the benches, sipping coffee and taking it all in. Or when we found ourselves wandering alone in the snow after an epic blizzard hit the area. Last Saturday, our dear friend Joffoto captured a few moments on the Waterfront for us, so we could leave with that place in our hearts and framed on our walls. Can’t wait to share those photos with you soon!alexandriaVA alexandriaVA-3IMG_0708_zps191516f4

    We are excited to move, but this will always be our first home. This is where we fell in love, got engaged, and grew as a couple. So instead of packing, I’ll think I’ll go take a walk down those red brick sidewalks and breathe in this perfect place.

Tell us, what do you love the most about where you live??

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      1. You are the sweetest. Truly. Can’t wait to rendezvous in Cancun!!

      1. We loved our date nights there! We will have to arrange our visits around the shows, for sure! Thank you for having us, and “break legs” this season on the boards and behind the scenes at Metrostage!

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