Friday Minutes

Friday Minutes: Articles we read while packing for Western New York

What a week! Packing officially began last weekend and our apartment quickly became dominated by boxes. Though we escaped for an incredible happy hour at Carmine’s (thanks Jill Collins!!) and for a DC date night, most of the time was spent emptying closets. Though it has been a flurry of activity, we still found time to pull our favorite articles and blog posts, from all of you, for Friday Minutes.

Here’s a list of things you should know:

Western New York Minutes:

From the Orleans Hub: The Orleans County Chamber of Commerce just announced their annual business awards and we were thrilled to see several Medina, NY recipients.

The Rochester City Paper highlighted the progress being made with deaf theater, thanks in large part to the NTID.

Summer’s not over yet! Rochester Magazine has shared some bbq secrets from area food stars. This could be the secret to receiving praise from your friends.

Step Out Buffalo just reviewed Aro Bar De Tapas, and they only had great things to say. This is quickly moving up our list of places to visit.

We always notice restaurants with good architecture. Buffalo Rising got a sneak peek of Sato Brewpub and it’s definitely a scene worth noticing.

WNY Blogs:

Local interviews are always a solid idea, and something we notice. Yeah! Buffalo provides a great look behind the scenes of Public Espresso + Coffee when they sat down with Sam Scarcello.

Now this is a fun one: A WNY wine blog that we follow, writing about a Virginia wine that we love! Take a look at Nittany Epicurean’s take on the 2013 Veritas Petit Verdot.

This post from Morning Glory goes through several of the emotions we’re currently feeling as we pack our bags for NY. 

Washington, DC Area Minutes

Washington, DC food is number #1!

I’m sure the beer lovers of NOVA will be rushing to Loudoun County again, after reading this article in Washingtonian.

The City Paper and Laura Hayes are asking for you to think about the cuisine category, “New American”. When they brought back the Facebook relationship status “it’s complicated”, I was hooked.

DC Area Blogs:

After hearing about Whaley’s brunch menu soft opening, Bad Sentences (Kacy) rushed right over. Here is her recap.

Image via Bitches Who Brunch

The Bitches Who Brunch have made a great sell on why we all should be heading to Tysons for a spa day.

We always fall into the trap of wanting to visit every speakeasy. This week, JohnnaKnowsGoodFood shares a quick note on Quarter + Glory in DC.

Who did we miss? Who should we be including? If you have an article you think we should check out, please send it our way!

Ok, those boxes won’t pack themselves. Our next Friday Minutes will be published in New York!! Wish us luck!


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