Date Night IN: Munchery debuts in DC!

Though Scott and I love a great date night in DC, there are nights that all we can muster is the energy to throw on lounge clothes and veg on the couch to read a book binge on Homeland. But rather than order greasy takeout or force Scott to whip up some of his amazing guacamole, long have we wished for a healthier option for date night in that didn’t require additional prep.


Enter Munchery, DC’s newest chef-made meal delivery service.  Although this company originated in San Fransisco, it’s making its way across the country in places like Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City and now the DC Metro region.


We got a special preview of the service, which came at the perfect moment in June when I was running around frantically finishing the school year, and Scott was up to his head in things to do at work. It was a much needed night in, and our dinner delivery was precisely what we hoped it would be.

Munchery-9 Munchery-1

First of all, the packaging is perfect and the meal was nice and chill in the soft-pack cooler. All of the entrees and sides are prepared by chefs, many of whom are previously employed at 3 star Michelin restaurants. Ingredients and heating instructions are clearly stated on each label, making the rest of meal prep fool-proof.

Munchery-6 Munchery-7 Munchery-8

All entrees are between $7-$15, which for the quality seems a steal. I will say that I lack plating skills, so the food didn’t look quite as appetizing after I had my hand in it as it would in a restaurant. So, suffice it to say, I skipped the “after” photos.


The good news is that while I couldn’t get it it to look good, it was a delicious, low-stress meal for an evening at home. Now that things like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh have become all the rage, sometimes a night in without having to prep the entire thing is a better way to still have an easy date night without the fuss.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts on delivered meals? Let’s chat.

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