Date Night: Society Fair Demo Kitchen, Old Town

As I type, I am readying myself for the last day in the classroom of this school year. This month flew by, and we’ve been so busy we have rarely had the chance to sit down, take a breath, and even enjoy a Friday night out. As a teacher, by the end of the week I come home and take a nosedive into bed, and if Scott is lucky and can get me up before I am completely passed out, we might make it out for Happy Hour.  Might.


However, when you tell me I can get up, go right around the corner, and be entertained and well-fed with oodles of wine – I’m in. In a nutshell, this is what Society Fair and Chef Larry cook up every Friday night in their Demo Kitchen – an exciting and dynamic foodie experience that moves beyond the “dinner and drinks” mentality.


Every month is a new menu, and every Friday up to 12 lucky guests can claim a seat at the kitchen and watch as Chef Larry brings the meal to life. Though we have been long time fans of Society Fair, we hit up their June Demo Kitchen and now have a reason to love it even more. With the trifecta of perfection choosing the menu (chef, fromagier, and sommelier) we sat back and learned what it takes to create the perfect meal.

SocietyFairDemoKitchen-5 SocietyFairDemoKitchen-6 SocietyFairDemoKitchen-7 SocietyFairDemoKitchen-8 SocietyFairDemoKitchen-10 SocietyFairDemoKitchen-11 SocietyFairDemoKitchen-12

We can’t rave about Chef Larry and the Demo Kitchen enough. Though it seems $65 a person is steep (and an additional price for full dinner wine pairings), the experience is like dinner and a show –  a front seat interacting with someone whose passion for food knows no limit. By the time you leave, you’ll be ready to whip out your cast iron and sharpen your knives like a true professional.

SocietyFairDemoKitchen-3 SocietyFairDemoKitchen-4

June’s menu was incredible, but we are already excited for the released July and August menus we’ve seen online. If you are interested in a date that is engaging and a fantastic time, Scott and I would recommend this hands down.

Check out the video we made for our Demo Kitchen here.
Have you been? Tell us what you think!

Society Fair – 277 S. Washington Street, Alexandria

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