Date Night: New Menu Items now at Nando’s Peri-Peri

Though Nando’s is a worldwide name, I have walked by the location on King Street many a time without ever ducking in. That trend stopped last week when we dodged a downpour and relished in spice, sauce, and a ton of great chicken.


Having heard about the new menu items, it was the mention of avocado in their newest salad that perked my ears. No shock there. I had to see for myself if it had earned all of the rumored high praise…


But before we launched into our meal, we sampled the newest Blood Orange and Mango lemonade. Refreshing, tropical, and the perfect way to whet our appetite. I think we both preferred the Mango, but if you like tart – pick the Blood Orange. 


OK, so the salad. According to my students, this salad was “LIT”. Butternut squash,cherry tomato, black quinoa, GOAT CHEESE (be still my heart) and the almighty avocado. There is not a bad ingredient in this thing, and it has now become my new guilty pleasure when I don’t want to feel too guilty. It tastes as incredible as it looks, trust me. And I’ve decided that the world’s greatest combination is goat cheese and avocado.


What follows is an epic display of juicy, flavorful bird. I love my chicken spicy, and so we upped the ante on the heat in our sauce and were definitely pleased with the result. The hotter the better, in our book. The new menu items include the Chicken Thighs, Chicken Thigh Skewers, and the Thigh and Mighty sandwich – my personal favorite. But don’t skimp and make sure to grab the new sides – the roasted veggies and braised brussel sprouts were the perfect additions to our chicken. Word of caution: you definitely get a kick of spice in those sauces as well!





And of course since we hail from Western New York, we always make a point to sample the wings in an effort to find this area’s best rendition. Though we would have loved a titch more crisp to the wings, they held their own in every way. LOVE the sauce.


Nando’s offers an effortless and casual option for date night, and if you feel like making it a date night IN, just grab takeout instead! I have a feeling Scott will be running to pick up that avocado salad for dinner all summer.

Make sure you join their “GET CRAVING” campaign use the hashtag #GETCRAVING with an original image of Nando’s new menu items, and you are entered to win a trip to South Africa or free Nando’s for a year!! Or, don’t enter so I have a better chance of winning :) More info on that here.

Have you been?? Thoughts??


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