Date Night: DC Harvest

One of the most frequent comments about our date nights is that we dine out without gaining an excessive amount of weight. Other than saying we visit the gym daily, we do our best to find alternatives to the typical guilty pleasure food – and we are thrilled to share a recent trip to DC Harvest on H Street to add to your Date Night list. 


DC Harvest, owned by Arthur and Jared Ringel, offers an upscale approach with a focus on locally sourced products and healthy kitchen creations. The menu is not overwhelming, but offers a selection that can appeal to any palette – scallops, shrimp, chicken, steak – it’s all there, and not drenched in butter or dressing.  Scott and I often scan menus in search of a dish that won’t calorie-shame us all the way home, and every option at DC Harvest fit that bill – all light, healthy, and full of natural flavor. 

DCHarvest-2 DCHarvest-14 DCHarvest-12Not only does the entire menu entice, but so does their Tuesday Date Night special: 2 Cocktails, 2 entrees, and a dessert – all for only $50. And anyone dating in this city knows that an upscale evening-out is hard to come by for less than $100 – with quality food, that is. 


For cocktails, I tried the Betty White (St. George raspberry | elderflower syrup | rose water | prosecco | orange bitters) and Scott loved the H Street (Ivy City gin | apple ginger shrub | tonic) hey – when in Rome…

DCHarvest-4 DCHarvest-6

We indulged slightly and ordered an appetizer to share, as well as their incredible side of Hawaiian Style Baby Bok Choy (almonds | tangerine | chili | scallions) which has an incredible tangy-ness that keeps you going back for more. Maybe order two? We tried the Quinoa Encrusted Shrimp (fennel almond puree | pickled apples | pea shoots) for our app, and we definitely recommend taking the “perfect bite,”  as Scott puts it. Make sure to fit all of the ingredients on your fork, because the pea shoots and almond puree is incredible with the shrimp. 


Scott ordered the Pan Roasted Scallops (asparagus | swiss chard | shitake mushrooms | sunflower seed pistou) and I was in all my glory with the Crispy Quinoa Cakes (swiss chard | roasted vegetables | carrot puree | goat cheese) which after Scott tasted, we agreed was the winner of the evening. The scallops were well done, but the roasted veggies and goat cheese with the quinoa cakes were out of this world. Love, love, love. 

DCHarvest-9 DCHarvest-11 DCHarvest-7Even when we are trying to be healthy, you must remember I am engaged to the biggest sweet-tooth ever, so dessert is always a must. We decided to split the S’mores Chocloate Pot du Creme, which has a soft and chewy graham cookie to accompany the marshmallow treat. If it’s possible to still feel light when ordering dessert, we did – but without sacrificing the sweet flavor.


Date nights can be expensive, and they usually result in the consumption of too many calories and an immediate change into elastic pants when getting back home. DC Harvest not only gives food-loving couples a quality experience, but a break on Tuesdays in which to ignore the hustle of a work week and enjoy a night to delight in great conversation without breaking the bank. 

So if you find yourself needing a break from cooking this evening, treat yourself to a wonderful evening out at DC Harvest, or enjoy any of their other specials that run throughout the week! 


DC Harvest – 517 H ST, NE, Washington, DC 20002

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