Date Night: Don Taco Tequila Bar

It’s really not hard to sell us on a taco place. Let’s be honest – all you have to do is hint to Al that she might get guacamole, and we’re in.


Replacing one of our favorite places to watch the game, Don Taco Tequila Bar seems to fill in the gaps where Flat Iron could not. There are bars both upstairs and downstairs, and on warmer evenings there is outdoor seating. This casual location is an ideal place for smaller bites and tacos to your heart’s content.

That said, this is why we’re going to Don Taco:

  1. The overall ambiance. Some flashy signage and metal trays makes me feel like I’m inside what a street food taco place might feel like. There are many things going on in the aesthetic, but they all work in conjunction and in the end, feel cohesive.dontaco-4 dontaco-3

2. TACOS! There are plenty to choose from, but we couldn’t turn away from the Mexican Short Rib, Buffalo Chicken, Banh Mi Pork, and Fried Avocado. 


3. For starters order the guacamole. I would also recommend getting the chicken empanada, which alone could be half of your meal.


4. The cocktails don’t have an outrageous price tag. As the price of cocktails in Alexandria seem to be on the rise, we were pleasantly surprised to see some lower prices here. The jalapeno-infused vodka Sweet Heat cocktail was hard to pass up, but the Fresco was certainly worth it. We were optimistic about Carlito’s Way, but felt it fell short in the end.

dontaco-2 dontaco-6

So more importantly- have you been yet?


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