Weekend Recap: Cocktails, Baseball, and a Festival

Our weekend kicked off with an early start to Cinco de Mayo  – Scott played mixologist and crafted several new cocktails – recipes to come in a post this week! I had a chance to play with my camera and had fun tasting his creations. Let’s just say I adore Date Night In with a man who can shake a great drink and can speed dial our take-out pizza ;)


Saturday cleared up in the afternoon for our first trip to National’s Stadium – and what a gorgeous day for a ball game!


We spent our Sunday afternoon sipping wine and grabbing small snacks at the National Harbor Food and Wine Festival. The VIP pass was the way to go and we made the best of it from start to finish. Two California wine giants, Silver Oak and Stags Leap, welcomed guests to the pier and poured samples that are usually out of our regular price range. We mixed things up by grabbing a glass of Cidre from Stella Artois and finding our first bites of the day.

wineandfood-1 wineandfood-2 wineandfood-10 wineandfood-13 wineandfood-14 wineandfood-12 wineandfood-20

Everyone was raving about the crab cakes and cheeseburgers (Plan B Burger Bar) for good reason, and if you missed either it was certainly your loss. Rounding out food favorites were the Asian Chicken Salad from the Granite City Food & Brewery and the Eggplant Tacos from Eleven Courses. When it came to a slightly sweeter treat no one came close to the biscuits and cookies from Mason Dixon – incredible every time!

wineandfood-22 wineandfood-21 wineandfood-19 wineandfood-18 wineandfood-17 wineandfood-11

It was an awesome day to walk the pier and we were excited to finally hit up National Harbor for a stroll in the sun.

wineandfood-9 wineandfood-8 wineandfood-7 wineandfood-6 wineandfood-5 wineandfood-3 wineandfood-15 wineandfood-23 wineandfood-16

Don’t worry – if you missed it at National Harbor, you catch the festival in Baltimore, Maryland on May 14th!

What did you do last weekend? Happy Tuesday!

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