Pet Product Review: Pet Caress

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pet Caress, LLC From Human to AnimalĀ® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Though Ivan dominates our Instagram and is worked into most of our posts here on the blog, there is a small really huge thing we might have forgotten to say: Scott is allergic to dogs.  And yes, he was allergic long before my dogs and I came into his life, and he knowingly took all three of us on – and Miah and Ivan were both rescues with big hearts and massive undercoats.  petcaress-7In an effort to keep Scott from constant misery, I clean like a fiend and try to shed and bathe Ivan as routinely as possible. However, the time I spend brushing that big boy just doesn’t quite do the trick, and I’ve been searching high and low for an all-natural product for Ivan that could help in the fight against Scott’s allergies. Enter Pet Caresspetcaress-1 This product line is designed to aid all types of skin needs, be it allergies, hot spots, or in our case- excessive shedding. However, it’s not only the therapeutic use that appeals to us, but the line is all natural – completely void of harmful chemicals that can irritate your pet’s system. This brand uses the same human quality ingredients found in most human skincare products, and is more soothing and therapeutic than any other coat-care products we have tried. petcaress-6 For those of you who are familiar with Miah’s story, you know we feel vehemently about holistic and natural remedies, and we are just as diligent in keeping Ivan on that same natural path.  He has always had sensitive skin, and so all of the pet store shampoos have failed at keeping him from itching. After a bath with the Shed Control Shampoo, we spent some time with the Brush Me Silky Mist and are so impressed. Scott is excited to wake up without congestion and itchy eyes, and Ivan’s coat is shiny and soft. petcaress-3 petcaress-9petcaress-10 Not only is Pet Caress designed to address the multitude of skincare dilemmas that occur in our pets, but they are dedicated to giving back and donate a percentage of all purchases to their Humanimal Advocacy Program which supports the humane treatment of animals. Their slogan, “from human to animal” could not be more accurate, and the philanthropic attitude of the company is what will keep us going back for more.  petcaress-5 In this family, we are all about our dog and it’s safe to say we spoil him rotten. But I can say with certainty that this product is not about spoiling, but keeping both my guys happy and healthy, which is absolutely priceless.

To order your own kit, or any of the full size products, make sure to shop online  at Pet Caress!

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