Cherry Blossom Buzz: Strongbow Hard Apple Cider’s Newest Flavor!

It’s no secret that my favorite time of year has changed dramatically since moving to DC. 3 years ago, I may have mentioned Christmas as the most wonderful time of year, but not anymore. Once I had one season of the world-famous cherry blossom spectacle in DC’s Tidal Basin, nothing can compare to the soft shades of pink and white which surround the Potomac each spring. 


I’m not alone in my love for the blossoms – everywhere you look, our nation’s capital is painted pink. The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing, which kicked off last Friday with an evening of great food, drink, and music at the annual Pink Tie Party in downtown DC. My sister and I had the opportunity, on behalf of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider, to leave our significant others on their own and enjoy a girl’s night out donned in floral attire.

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Though the decorations were whimsical and the food was plentiful, it was one of this year’s sponsors, Strongbow Hard Apple Cider, which dominated the upper level and created a buzz of excitement with their NEW flavor, Cherry Blossom. This cider is the next in line after a successful and historic following of some of the world’s highest ranked ciders, including the Gold Apple, Honey, and Ginger flavor. 


Photo Credit: Heineken USA

Born in the UK, Strongbow has a long tradition of excellence across the pond, and we in the US are now fortunate enough to get our hands on the legacy. I had a chance to talk at length with Brand Director Alejandra De Obeso about the conception of the new flavor and the process by which the highest quality of cider is obtained. Though the details overwhelmed me, the passion for the product was infectious and I was bitten by the cider bug. We also had a chance to sample the Cherry Blossom, and I applaud the delicate balance of red fruit flavors and aromas, which at times ranged from subtle cranberry to delicious strawberry. Undoubtedly this pretty-in-pink drink will be perfect for every occasion, be it a BBQ or gorgeous summer wedding.


It’s no wonder why Strongbow is the fastest growing cider in the US in sales, and why film legend Patrick Stewart jumped on board the creative marketing team. A huge fan of this cider, expect to see Stewart as a strong force in the newest campaign launch. 


Cider is growing in popularity, and while wine can often intimidate novice tasters, cider is approachable and familiar. It is inherent in our early autumn memories as children, and now returns as a sophisticated beverage option at adult gatherings. It’s versatile, playful, and refreshing. 

Strongbow-12 Strongbow-14

And best of all, Strongbow joins this market with a patriotic hommage to our Capital’s most beautiful season – Cherry Blossom season. As the masses descend on the Tidal basin this year, relive the beauty wherever you are and grab a pack of Strongbow Cherry Blossom Cider and toast to the beauty and splendor of spring. 

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**Want to get your hands on the newest flavor? Visit to find your nearest distributor!**

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