30 days. Time for the Shred (aka: 3 things every 32 year old needs to get fit!)

In exactly one month, I’ll be 32. Something feels safe about the simplicity of the straight line, the “1”. 31. That’s not old, that’s only a breath past 30. And 30 means you’re cool.

32. “2”. You add that curve and it gets messy.

Somewhere beyond that line, my metabolism caught wind of the “danger, curves ahead!” and decided to bail. It bailed and left me hanging on this proverbial ledge (otherwise known as the scale) and took my wardrobe with it. There is a coup de’├ętat forming in my closet and it isn’t pretty.

So Jillian Michaels is getting retrieved from the recesses of my DVD collection, dusted off, and used and abused for the next 30 days.

Other than the swift kick in the pants that my metabolism has given me, there are 3 things that have helped me get focused in my 30s on health:

1- My fitbit. I started with the flex and Scott surprised me with the Charge HR for Christmas. This bad boy allows me to let my inner Monica Geller out and compete against myself. “In your face, last year me!” (name that episode??)

2. My Camelback. If I could go straight from drinking coffee to drinking wine, I would. Maybe that’s why my waistline has rebelled. But monitoring my water intake has been lifesaving and has helped immensely in holding me accountable for HEALTHY liquid.

3. Quality Running Shoes. I went to Pacers in Alexandria about a month ago and got hooked up with the perfect shoe for my step. Needless to say, I’ve had some of the best runs of my (albeit short) running career.

3 Fitness Must Haves


And an honorary #4:  Scott. He has probably been the most significant impact on getting healthier. Not only did he purchase #1 and #2 (If you buy it, she will use it??) but he gets me to the gym on even the laziest days. Well, that’s not quite true. We don’t always go together, but he praises the success I have every time I tell him I went. And going together has helped – everyone needs a gym buddy.
So now the countdown is on – 30 until 32. If you have any motivational words, or tidbits of advice for the over 30 year old body, I’m all ears.

***EDITOR’S NOTE**** While editing this post, writing another restaurant post, and editing food images in Photoshop, I’ve decided to retract my aforementioned attack on my faulty metabolism. After all of the eating we do for this blog, I almost judge it for not abandoning me sooner.

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    1. I’m right there with ya… On my 32nd birthday (this past December) I received my Fitbit and I already have a solid pair of Brooks running shoes. All I need is one of those CamelBaks and I’ll officially be in the club.

      (I also can’t stress enough how valuable doing a running evaluation at one of the high end running stores is – Completely helped fix some ankle issues I had while running in less supportive shoes.)

      1. Congrats on the 32 Club!! :) And yes, I was absolutely intrigued when they recorded my step! So pleased I got the right shoe for my stride. Happy Running!

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