Date Night: Teddy & The Bully Bar

This past weekend we found ourselves lucky enough to spend quality time with Scott’s parents, though the weather was less than accommodating. Before the snow and ice took over, we made reservations for 4 at Teddy & The Bully Bar in Dupont. Having never been, we were curious as to the small plates and inviting atmosphere that we had heard so much about…teddybullybar-15

We have to agree about the decor – unique and memorable, bright yet cozy. We loved the bar with the rich leather seating and the 3-D Mount Rushmore to the side. Large faux animal heads are displayed throughout and make for great conversation. 

teddybullybar-14 teddybullybar-12 teddybullybar-11 teddybullybar-13 teddybullybar-2 teddybullybar-1 teddybullybar-3

The drinks were good, and Scott’s mom particularly liked the Strawberry Mint Julep.  Scott stayed true to the Old Fashioned Cocktail menu and tried The Lion, while I went with a more modern drink, The Lady Outlaw.

 teddybullybar-4 teddybullybar-5

Though several people are totally over the small plate trend, we still love the concept and prefer to split dishes for the sake of variety. Teddy’s is arranged by small plates, so we sampled several among the four of us, and left sufficiently stuffed. 

We started with the Crunchy Brussels Sprouts (Cranberry Goat Cheese, Apple Walnut Vinaigrette), which was the fan favorite of the night. Not a pretty dish to photograph, but please take our word on the the flavor and the perfected crisp of the outer leaves. We also tried the Roasted Cauliflower (Honey, Butternut Squash Jam, Pinenuts, Cranberries, Warm Feta Mornay)  and  Butternut Squash Tater Tots (Five Spiced Goat Cheese, Mustard Greens) both of which were solid and flavorful. However, you only get 3 tots, which we felt would have been better with 4 for the price.

 teddybullybar-7 teddybullybar-8

Another favorite was the Short Rib Flatbread (Cheddar Apple Celery Purée, Watercress, Crispy Tobacco Onions) which was a decent size for 4, and we tried the Butternut Squash Risotto (Roasted Peanuts, Shrimp, Fine Herbs, Smoked Gouda) which was good, but small to split. teddybullybar-6teddybullybar-9

Our meat selection was the Fried Chicken & Rye Waffle (Braised Red Cabbage, Pastrami Brined Chicken, Thousand Island Maple Dressing), and we felt this was well done, though the braised red cabbage was slightly confusing with the rest of the flavors on the plate. This was a much larger dish, and was easily shared among the table. teddybullybar-10

It was definitely a solid experience, though the size of the portions was wildly inconsistent among dishes.  Next time we might head straight to the bar for a Happy Hour cocktail and another plate of those Crunchy Brussels….

Have you been? Thoughts? We hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day Weekend!
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