Date Night: L’Hommage Bistro Francais

If you asked me what food I never knew I loved so much, these days my answer would be simple: French cuisine. Though I probably just dented my credibility, I always equated the French to food that just didn’t appeal to my fussy pre-blog palette. You know – escargots, foie gras, steak tartare – scary dishes that to me didn’t qualify as edible. Come on people – cook your beef and quit force feeding those poor animals.

While I am still wrapping my head around foie gras (yes, I have had it), I’ve decided that I adore the romantic, sensual, hearty quality that the French deliver on a plate. Recently, Scott and I dined at L’Hommage Bistro Français in DC and added several items to our growing list of why we love French cooking.L'Hommage-3

#1. The Ambiance – Romance is easy at L’Hommage. It’s not the fine dining experience that makes you feel stiff and uncomfortable,but rather the kind of atmosphere that lightens the mood and sets the scene for a flirty date night. Candles, warm wood, and beautiful white tablecloths lend to the prefect French ambiance. Not to mention, the pops of red are a beautiful complement to the class of it all.

L'Hommage-12 L'Hommage-2 L'Hommage-1

#2. Wine. All the wine!! –  It’s no secret Scott is a wine enthusiast, and has taught me everything I know. Lately, he has transitioned into mixology, which usually means we begin date night with a cocktail and enjoy our dinner with a lovely wine. L’Hommage has an incredible wine selection – over 200 available bottles from which to choose. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself.



3. Bread, Meat, and Cheese – We’re talking basic food groups,people, but prepared with finesse. We ordered the Gougeres (mornay sauce filled cheese puffs) which are a popular item at L’Hommage, and we can see why. Though rich and decadent, we recommend you start your meal here. We also sampled a special that evening, Lamb Sausage with pita bread which is one of the many specials that rotate nightly.

L'Hommage-7 L'Hommage-6 L'Hommage-5

4. “Entree” vous! – We love small plates to share, but French cuisine allows us the opportunity to hog our own plate. Well, that’s not true – we always exchange a bite. But a bite was all I got of Scott’s Steak Frites, and only seconds before I finished my entire plate of Boeuf Bourguignon did I remember to share. Both plates were warm, hearty, and flavorful.



5. Dessert. Even if you have not sampled a wide array of French cooking, you know the reputation of French pastry and dessert. We ordered the Hazelnut Crème Brûlée, a favorite dish of ours. It was prepared perfectly, and we highly recommend trying the hazelnut as it added a nuance that was simple and understated while still offering a hint of new flavor.L'Hommage-11

Overall, we would head back in a DC minute to L’Hommage Bistro Français, and especially looking forward to enjoying their large patio once the warm weather returns.

Tell us how you feel about French food…any takers?

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    1. OK, that steak looks better than anything I’ve had at l’hommage so far. I’m there for HH all the time because they do have a great selection of wines, including some on tap, but I’ve been disappointed with the food so far… looks like that steak frites could make me change my mind though.

      1. We definitely enjoyed ourselves – but I’m sure you have a special standard for the French ;) Miss you! xo

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