5 Super Bowl “Must Haves” if you’re watching in Medina, NY

It’s OK Buffalo Bills’ fans, next year is our year!  For now, we should all just enjoy good food, drinks, commercials, a great football game, and hopefully no mention of “wide-right”.

As we were going through the list of Washington, DC area specials, we began thinking of our hometown in Western New York and what our menu might look like if we were there. For those of you up there, here’s your shopping list. For those of you unfamiliar with Buffalo, NY – road trip? 

Here is your list of 5 “must haves” for watching the Super Bowl in Medina, NY:

  1. Ed’s chicken fingers! Yes, I know, they are called Pony’s now, but for all of us who grew up there know they will always be Ed’s. The thought of these alone would send us packing our bags for a road trip up north. For those of you who don’t believe there is anything special about wings/fingers, you haven’t had these.

EDS FINGERS2. For those of you thinking “I only drink beer during football games” (in my macho voice), you might be disappointed because I would say pick up some bottles of Steampunk Cider from Leonard Oakes Winery instead. We have two bottles on our shelf and one may very well be opening soon.

Leonard Oakes

3. Pizza is also a must for the big game, and our choice is Avanti’s Pizzeria! We’re loyal to this spot and would be ordering every Friday night if we were closer.

4. Again, I know, you might only drink beer during the game. For those of you who are thinking big picture pick up a bottle of the Maple Tap from 810 Meadworks. This can be served warm or cold and will have you thinking about adding a touch of bourbon to your glass.

810meadworks-55.  Would any Upstate New York party be complete without some Labatt Blue in the cooler? I know, sometimes it’s just a must.

 Remember, it’s entirely appropriate to wear Buffalo Bills attire on Sunday.


What else will you be preparing for game day?

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