5 Affordable Holiday Date Ideas

The holiday is here and all of our wallets are feeling the effects of the season. Just because dating can put further strain on your available funds, doesn’t mean there aren’t other options this month. Here’s a look at 5 affordable holiday date ideas:

  1. Take a walk and snap some photos by one of the many Christmas/Holiday trees throughout the area. GUYS – be the one to suggest this idea, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the ladies say “I dragged him to the tree.”NationalXmasTree14

2. Cooking dinner and baking cookies is a staple of the season. Turn these into date nights and you might be able to show off your kitchen skills or find an excuse to throw some food.

IMG_2545 IMG_1051

3. The only thing that makes hot chocolate better is when you’re wandering the lighted holiday displays and streets around the area. The Zoolights at National Zoo and wandering the streets of Old Town Alexandria are two of our suggestions. Both are free! If you’ve already seen the trees, check out all of the beautiful window displays and decked our homes in the surrounding neighborhood. 

4. Do you have a comfortable couch? Do you have a nice blanket? Tune into ABC Family for the 25 Days of Christmas and invite a special somebody over to watch one of your favorite holiday movies from your youth. As Alix recently learned, Die Hard 1 and 2 are both in this category.

5. Stroll hand-in-hand around one of the many holiday markets the area showcases. Alexandria’s Carlyle-area and DC’s Penn Quarter/Chinatown host some of our favorites. If the “someone” is really special, purchasing an ornament is a way to make the day memorable without needing to take the all too common selfie… I imagine we’ll be doing both.

These are just 5 affordable holiday date ideas that you could try this month. What should we add to the list?

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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