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Thanksgiving Favorites

Turkey, pie, and stuffing – is there really anything else to think about? Though it’s sometime hard to remember, there are many things to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday other than donning fat pants and napping post-dinner on the couch.

Using our highly non-scientific test group (thanks, Twitter!) we asked the question “What is your favorite thing to do over the Thanksgiving holiday, that doesn’t include actual Thanksgiving dinner?”  This is what we heard…

#6 – I can only assume several people are still sleeping, because Thanksgiving parades came in last.

#5  – Black Friday still brings good deals, and thanks to the overwhelming popularity of online shopping you can avoid the lines too. We love shopping in our underwear jammies.

#4 – Now that the turkey has been eaten,  the debate is over and you can decorate for Christmas. Putting up the tree and other decorating is a favorite for many right after Thanksgiving.


#3 – You might not enjoy watching football, but several associate Thanksgiving with the NFL.  Thankfully now that Al is obsessed with her Fantasy Football team, I finally won’t feel guilty for turning it on this year.
#2 – Eating the food wasn’t an option, but cooking it is!  #2, favored by many, was preparing Thanksgiving dinner or making a special pie.

# 1 – Spending time with family and friends over Thanksgiving was selected by close to everyone as their favorite Thanksgiving holiday activity. You can do a variety of things with them, from watching football to cooking, but no matter what you want to hang out with family. We’ll miss ours this year, but hey, nothing that Facetime or Skype can’t help!

There it is, our highly accurate non-scientific poll. What is your favorite Thanksgiving activity?

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