Date Night: Majestic Cafe in Alexandria

Alexandria’s Majestic Cafe is one of those tried and true places that everyone knows about. This past year, we’ve been talking a lot about the new restaurants opening in Alexandria. There’s easily several reasons to have an excited palate with the new openings, but that’s no reason to avoid the established restaurants that we’ve enjoyed for so long.


The lighted sign is easily recognizable and with a name like the Majestic it’s no surprise so many people are intrigued to stop in. Staying true to their years of success, the restaurant has kept a similar appearance and layout overtime.

For starters, thank you to everyone for their menu recommendations. It wasn’t too difficult for us to place our initial order for the Rock Shrimp Hushpuppies, after so many of you offered your thoughts. We also stayed true to tradition and ordered the Handcut French Fries w/ chipotle aioli.


Three words I always love seeing on a menu are “locally sourced ingredients”. In my mind, this doesn’t just show an attention to detail, but an interest in the area. This fact probably added to the difficultly in ordering as several dishes immediately caught our attention. Knowing diners had long mentioned their love of the meatloaf made it difficult to finally pass on. Instead, we went with the Kobacha Ravioli w/ toasted hazelnut sauce and the Fried Chicken.  It’s a rare occurrence when fried chicken is on a menu and doesn’t end up on our table. Be aware that the chicken is plated on a smaller wooden block, which wins with the presentation, but presents challenges when trying to stay clean. 



Like the entrees, several of the sides looked beyond appetizing. After hearing about the Cauliflower Risotto we decided to give it a try and and were more than pleased with the selection. As for being less original we ordered the Roasted Brussels Sprouts, which ends up on our table whenever we see it on the menu.



Our date night at the Majestic Cafe was well worth the visit. One final note goes to the service. Our waitress couldn’t have been more excited by the menu and it showed throughout our experience.

Where have you been recently that you’d recommend to others?


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