Surviving Winter Storm Thor

SNOW DAY! Even though we are from Buffalo and snow isn’t an anomaly, a threat of the white stuff down here has had us in a tizzy – now that we are at home watching it fall outside we are in all our glory.

However, there are a few things that we require in the house should snow actually fall. Here is how we are surviving winter storm Thor…


1.  Guacamole ingredients (already consumed for lunch)


2. Extra avocados (emergency stash)


3. An array of beverages from which to choose


4. Dog food


5.  Milk and break (because people tell you to have it)


6. Nintendo


7.  A great Netflix binge-watch (Scott’s on House of Cards)


8. Or maybe a house of cards to actually sit down and play


9. An expansive DVD collection of classics and musicals in which to force your significant other to watch AFTER he has finished watching House of Cards


10.  Warm pajamas and the world’s greatest pups


11. Toilet paper…oh shit.



How are YOU spending your snow day?


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    1. I grew up in Vermont but have basically lived here since I came for college in 1999. I still don’t understand the absolute necessity to rush to the grocery store for milk, bread and toilet paper the second it threatens to spit snow. That being said, I’ve bought into the hype and join the crazies in line! Luckily the new HT in Old Town is right next to my office!

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