Wedding Plans: Engaged! Magazine Bridal Showcase, DC


It’s been exactly 4 months (yesterday) since Scott got on bended knee. Honestly? I still can’t believe it all happened, and we have barely said two words about a wedding.

The two words? “Not yet.”

We have spent the last 4 months in a busy cloud; too busy to plan, but still floating miles above reality. Being engaged, knowing forever is on the horizon is constant bliss. However, getting down to brass tacks and deciding anything about our upcoming wedding has proven almost disastrous.

Where to get married? DC? Buffalo? Destination?

How big? Family only? Family and close friends? Family, friends, and our family’s friends?

Winter? Spring? Brave the heat of summer or uncertainty of fall weather??

Outside? Inside? Upside down?

Honestly. Upside down. 

We don’t know where to begin, but have decided that this weekend’s Engaged! Magazine Bridal Showcase in DC will be our start. We love this area, but with all of the options and choices – everything from venue to photography, gowns to music – we need to get an idea of what to expect. This is most definitely the place.

Are you engaged and living in DC? Here are the details:

When: March 1st, 3-7PM

Where: Guests will be shuttled between two of Washington’s top wedding venues: The Willard Intercontinental Hotel, and The St. Regis Hotel (limo buses will be stationed outside each hotel)

How: Tickets are priced at $65 a person (additional fees apply) and can be purchased here. Tickets will not be available at the door

Why: Why not? :) We’ll be there, excited to get the most out of the area’s top wedding vendors (and hoping to get some ideas while we’re at it!!)

We’re definitely in need of a little wedding push and excitement, and this is sure to spark that flame. If not, we’ll be the living sequel to The Five Year Engagement…

Tell us: what launched your wedding planning (if you’ve had one)?  Any advice?


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    1. We did things rather unconventionally… had 2 weddings, like most dual nationality couples do, both in DC actually… and honeymooned in the middle. We got married before wedding hashtags were a thing and before pinterest and I’m very grateful that that was the case. Whatever you do, don’t sweat the small stuff is my advice. Your guests just want to see you two happy and see a celebration that reflects who you are as a couple as you embark on life together, what kind of wedding favours you have they could care less…

      1. Such great advice! We are looking at being on the unconventional side ourselves…perhaps an intimate destination wedding? We’re not sure, but just enjoying being engaged :)

      1. I LOVE it! We want something smaller, more intimate. This is such a great idea! Thanks for letting us know – so when is your big day?

        1. 11/7/15 :)

          Wedding planning was too overwhelming/expensive for us, especially when we only really wanted a small affair with close family anyway.

    1. Well whenever yall do you will make the most beautiful bride. xoxo

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