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7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Mean More and Cost Less

You might be wed to the idea of dressing up and heading out to dinner, but there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of a night in the comfort of your own home. The two of us actually really like Valentine’s Day, so this isn’t a pitch to avoid the holiday. However, we also don’t think you need to spend a couple hundred dollars to make the day/night memorable.

Here are some ideas and places you might want to visit for some extra help.

1. Roses are red, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day they seem green with how expensive they’re priced. If you’re looking to buy flowers opt for something like tulips instead, they are just as pretty if not more so. Bloom Fresh Flowers in Old Town Alexandria is a great option.

2. Candy and chocolates can definitely be expensive. With a quick Google search you’ll find the average Valentine’s Day box of chocolates runs about $30. Other than the heart shaped box there is little significance to these chocolates and you’re guaranteed to want to spit out half of them. Opt for local chocolate and candy shops and be a little more creative in your selection. Buying some truffles or craftier chocolates will not go unnoticed. If you’re in Washington, DC head immediately to Co. Co. Sala, but if you’re in Old Town Alexandria try out the Sugar Cube on King Street or Artfully Chocolate in the Carlyle area. 

3. No one said you needed candy, but don’t miss out on the excuse to celebrate with some sweets. Try out some other desserts this year like pop tarts from Ted’s Bulletin (various locations), donuts from the newly open Sugar Shack (Old Town Alexandria), macarons from Olivia Macaron (Georgetown), or cupcakes from Lavender Moon (Old Town Alexandria) and Baked and Wired (Georgetown).

4. You’re going to need to eat something other that sweets, so spend some time cooking together in the kitchen. Set a grocery list for the occasion and grab a couple steaks, fish, chicken, avocados, or a number of things that will go beyond your regular in-house dinner. You’re going to spend at least $100 if you go out to dinner, so spending $50 on several groceries is well worth it.

5. We love wine! Go visit our friend Edgar at Altura Wine and Gourmet in Old Town Alexandria for the perfect Valentine’s Day bottle…or two.

6. You may already have plans to see 50 Shades of Grey this weekend, but if not, look at renting a movie for 1/2 or 1/4 of the price – the seats on your couch are probably far more comfortable than a crowded theater.

7. If the chilly weather reports turn out to not be accurate cap off your night with a walk on the National Mall or Old Town Alexandria’s waterfront. Both are incredible!

What are your plans this year?


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