Top 10 Questions Asked After You Get Engaged

Last night marked the first official “engagement celebration” we have had as a newly engaged couple. Scott’s office was gracious enough to host a little soiree in our honor, and I finally had the opportunity to meet his colleagues. Such an amazing group of people.


It was interesting, however, to be on the spot answering questions about our impending nuptials that we haven’t even discussed. Hours after we got engaged, the onslaught of congratulations as well as a series of questions on our plans commenced, and hasn’t ceased.

Here are the top 10 questions we get asked now that we’re engaged:

1. WHEN are you getting married? There are a variety of ways we’ve heard this question, but above all others this is the question we’ve heard the most. Our response goes something like, “We’ve narrowed it down to about 100 days over the next 24 months.”

2. Where will the wedding be?? No. Clue.

3. Who’s going to be in your wedding? I guess the simple response of “we are” probably isn’t the answer people want to hear.

4. What time of the year would you like to get married?  Again – no clue. Anytime?

5. When are you having children? Even with the news of an engagement and the focus on a wedding, we’ve still been getting the children question a lot. I promise, we do realize that we aren’t 23 anymore and clocks are a’tickin.

6. What kind of wedding do you want?  A fun one?

7. Have you thought about what people will wear? Clothes. Yep – definitely clothes.

8. Where do you want to live after getting married? In a house.

9. Am I invited to the wedding?   Awkward.

10. again….WHEN are you getting married?


Keep those questions coming – we probably won’t have answers for quite awhile :)

-Scott and Al

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    1. Am I invited to the wedding? ;) I’m again, so happy for you Al and Scott you too. Can’t wait to see everything unfold. p.s. Al, we need to email soon. xoxo from Millie

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